The Bathroom: Details

20130530-214341.jpgOk, so you may have read this post (if you didn’t, go do it. I’ll wait.). So one of my biggest annoyances when I find an idea that I love is the complete lack of details. I took me weeks to pick this color blue. It was incredibly frustrating, so I vowed when I started this that there would be absolutely no detail that wasn’t shared.

 The Storage

The bathroom has NO storage, so we needed to be really creative. One of my favorite parts of the room is the towel storage above the door. The two larger shelves are melamine board from Lowe’s. And if you weren’t already aware, they’ll cut wood for you for free, which is great if you are not particularly handy. The smaller one is also a melamine board and just happened to be the exact right length (score one for the good guys). Hubbin got the brackets from Home Depot on one of the fifty trips I sent him on when I decided to stupidly redo the living room and bathroom at the same time. (In my defense, 3 trips were because we bought the wrong size blinds because he can’t measure a window even though he worked at Pella the tape measure was “wrong”). I digress…

 The Paint

The color on the top is from Sherwin Williams and is called “Blue Blood”. When I put the first coat up, I almost cried I was so horrified. It was electric blue and the paint was the consistency of water. I wanted to throw in the towel, but I’m glad I didn’t. After I put it up, I googled it to get the RGB numbers and found that it was lovingly referred to as “Butt Ugly Blue” by some real articulate people on the internet. I scoffed and refused to be swayed.

The Board and Batten

The initial idea was to go with wainscoting, until I realized how much it would cost that I liked board and batten better. The bottom consists of 44.5″ 1X2 furring strips from Lowe’s, and at $0.89 for two of them, the price couldn’t be beaten. The board across the top is 1X3 furring strip, and for $1.39 for 8 feet, also couldn’t be beaten. On top of that is a coat of Zinsser Bullseye 1-2-3, and then a ton of painters caulk, and then a coat or two of just regular white semi-gloss Valspar. Lowe’s is the only close home improvement store; Home Depot is significantly farther away, so some of these were chosen for no other reason than laziness convenience.

Now, fortunately for me, and potentially unfortunately for the next owners of this place, that board and batten is never coming down. You see, I thought “Oooh, Liquid Nails. Lemme put as much as possible on there.” And that works, but apparently once it’s dry, it is UNLIKE nails in that you can’t get it off. I put enough Liquid Nail on each board and batten that you could hang the Eiffel Tower off of it and it would hold it up. Liquid Nails : Me :: Windex : My Big Fat Greek Wedding.

There are a couple of nails in the boards as well, for boards that were bent. It held them up long enough for the Liquid Nails to dry.

The Accessories

The shower curtain & rug are from Walmart. The vanity isn’t sold anymore, but it was from Lowe’s; this is the nearest comparable one, and the only real difference i see is that the bottom is closed off, where ours is not.

All of the baskets except the one above the door are from Dollar Tree. The white ones are spray painted. I hate the blue ones, they are getting the heave-ho once I find white ones.

Did I miss anything?