Statute of Limitations


So I’m laid out in the couch because I have the sacroiliac joints of a 90 year old woman. And my iPad is dying! And my charger is upstairs. So I ask Hubbin if he will go get it as he’s making The Little Jerk dinner.

Hubbin: ok, where is it?

Me: upstairs (insert pleeeeeeeeeasse face)

Hubbin: (dramatic eye roll) Seriously?!

Me: I gave birth to your child!!!

Hubbin: No, she’s 16 months old now, you’re past the Statute of Limitations on that. You can’t use that anymore.

So what’s the consensus here? How long do I get to use it? I saw the SoL never runs out for childbirth or anything else that requires the simultaneous use of a vagina AND uterus. Anyone agree?



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    • Amber on June 8, 2012 at 11:38 pm

    Agreed! No limits here. You can use that when your children have children! 🙂

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