I’ve been OFP (my own program) for the last week, sorry y’all. It’s a combination of things, actually. First of all, The Little Jerk has been fricking awesome, to be quote honest. I haven’t said anything, because I didn’t want to jinx it, but her new, improved personality seems to be consistent enough to maybe post something. Here’s to hoping her head is done spinning around! She’s walking and talking, and she’s funny and you can see this glimmer of a really fun, spunky personality. She reminds me a lot of me, so maybe she’ll get all the fun stuff about me, but with Hubbin’s responsibility and logic.

Secondly, my sister is buying a house and is having me design all the rooms. It is fun and exciting and like every little sister’s dream to do something so big.

The best part is that, as I’ve mentioned before, she is the better looking, more successful version of me, so I get to design with a budget way beyond what I could ever do here. So that part is really, really fun is by far the thing I am most excited about at this point. Plus, I’m having a blast and my sister thinks I am a genius/rockstar, which is icing on the cake.

Third, we are about to embark on a total kitchen remodel. Our kitchen is the worst kitchen ever. It’s small and makes no sense, and the handles are awful, etc. Hubbin’s father offered to make us all new doors, which is fantastic because he does beautiful work. So, this has been in the works for a while, but more in the back of my mind. The other day the call came in that the doors were done…time to get ready for the redo.

Um, all of us?

So that’s a looooot of stuff going on all at once, especially when you consider that along with that is the whole raising kids, working full time, attending small group, etc. My natural response to chaos is retreating into my shell, so I’ve been fighting the urge to run screaming from the flames. I do like a challenge, though. Though this is less of a challenge than it is just a bad idea all around, I think. It’ll get done though.

So, for those that come for the laughs, you may be disappointed for a bit as the blog transitions back to home improvement status for a bit, but I hope you’ll stay with me. I’m sure I’ll be posting injuries and stuff, and that’s always funny. You don’t think I’ll get through this remodel of a kitchen and an entire house of my sister’s without some stories, do you? I’ll throw some funny stuff in once in a while…like the time I forcefully tripped myself to avoid an uncomfortable question, or when I locked myself in my car, or any of the horror stories of the job interviews I’ve been on.