“Argh” as in “lovely, she did it again”, not “Argh, give me all your gold, matey”.  But maybe that too.

If anyone has ever lived with someone that has near paralzying ADD, you know how frustrating it is. Imagine BEING that person, though. It’s really difficult and frustrating to be the one that can’t remember anything. Like…really frustrating.

My most recent “Ok, how on EARTH…” experience was losing our vacuum cleaner. It’s gone. I have no idea where it went. It vanished, into thin air. This house is the size of a coffin, so it’s not easy to misplace anything of decent size, even for me. I realized that in this entire house, there is not a single closet that exists outside of a bedroom. There are no linen closets, pantries, coat closets. Nowhere to put, say, a VACUUM or broom. The vacuum has lived inside Kennedy’s closet for a long time. I don’t vacuum often because I am totally lazy we only have hardwood, with a couple of area rugs thrown in rooms. The living room is a disaster, though, because the little one thinks nothing of crumbling cookies and stomping them into the floor.

I considered the most likely possibilities; that I had put it in the basement (nope), or out on the front step (nope), or even that an indigent, down on their luck fella had stopped by and come in, saw the house and thought “Well, they obviously never use this, so I’ll rehome it.” I think that’s the most logical explanation, because I have been looking for three weeks and it is nowhere to be found. The cleaning lady didn’t even find it, and she finds everything!

Wish me luck. And if you see a yellow, 8-year-old (yet ironically “like new”) vacuum cleaner, please send him home.

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    • Who shall not be named on October 8, 2012 at 11:53 pm

    The dust bunnies stole it I’m sure of it.

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