The News

If you read WSLS, you may have noticed that they constantly misspell words. When I say “misspell words”, I mean huge errors that are so obvious it’s actually offensive. I’m not talking about ending a sentence with a preposition (hell, I do that!), I’m talking about blatant errors that make it painfully obvious that no one bothered to even skim it.

And you know, I’m ok with stories that are sent from an iPhone or other smart device because it is breaking news and needs to get up. What I am not ok with is obvious errors in stories that are neither breaking news nor really even something someone needs to read in the next hour or so. For example:

This is their EDITED version!

NO! The errant apostrophe; one of my most hated mistakes.The original headline said it’s, so I kindly let them know. They changed it on the front page, but neglected to in the entire rest of the article. And if you notice, they didn’t spell the name of the restaurant correctly, either. It’s not Horizons, it’s Horizon. Then, another, just as horrifying one:

While loosing another great restaurant isn’t what Stump and her husband like hearing, they say they understand.

Do you know what kind of face that makes me make? This one:
WHY, God, WHY?! Loosing? NO! No, no, no. Anyway, I’m used to it at this time. The one I saw today, though, is perhaps the worst of all:
Does no one READ things to themselves before posting? Are they hiring? I will at least proof stuff enough that people aren’t horrified/elated at your headlines!