So last night I made a Facebook page for this page. I hadn’t felt the need, but I went ahead and did it anyway. I had a ton of likes in a short period of time and was totally blown away! The response was humbling and exciting. I also received two messages about RACKs that others had done, and I nearly cried. What a great experience, not only to write stuff that people read (never a given in blog land, apparently), but to have caused action through that. Action that helped others. That is simply…indescribable. So I thank you. I thank you for supporting me in this venture and sharing it with your friends, too.


See what a huge help Charlotte is?

If you’ll just do me one quick favor and come over and finish my kitchen renovation, I’d appreciate it. Oh. Dear. First of all, Hubbin has been wonderful and is doing a ton of work, and the doors look fantastic and I’m so excited. I will admit that I am more excited about the end result than the work it’s going to take to get there. And that even though I painted the kitchen already, I’m changing the color. And all the cabinets have to be painted, and some have to be cut out, and the whopping two drawers in the entire kitchen are getting Pinterest makeovers as well.

And I am tired. Yesterday was the first day of renovation, and The Little Jerk was home. Sick. And not the cute, lethargic, pathetic sick. The “We can’t, in good faith, send her to daycare, but she’s well enough to pick up everything in the entire house, hand to me, and say ‘thank you'” sick. And whiny. And I actually didn’t have off, I was working from home, which is a nightmare when other people are in the house. I did do a bit after I got off work, though.

Today was much better; I worked all day, and bolted out the door at the end of the workday to peruse Lowes. I picked two samples for kitchen colors, which I’ll try soon enough. Not tonight, though. Tonight I painted the cabinet frames and then laid down dramatically, so Hubbin shot me The Look. He totally worked harder than me today, but whatever. I had his baby almost two years ago and that still counts, so there.



I hope I don’t do all this work only to find out I’m really already dead.

The worst part is that I am deathly afraid of open cabinets. I am not OCD, but I am super creeped out by open doors (hello, Sixth Sense). And so you can imagine how this, which is the current state of the kitchen, is going over with me.


So wish us luck as we finish this damn thing. We are suprisingly not killing each other or really even close, but tomorrow is another day. And oh, I did my RACK today, but it’s a secret for a few more days!