Merry Christmas, y’all

What a crazy holiday it’s been so far; so many unforeseen things. I have to say I am so glad that I went into this season with a determination to make this year better than the previous ones, because I’ll be honest when I say that I’m not sure I’d have made it through the holiday without that determination.

I finished shopping today, on Christmas Eve. I must say that I experienced Random Acts of Kindness towards me from others, and this I am SO thankful for. Perhaps I’d have overlooked them in years prior, but the small acts of kindness made a difference in my day today. While checking out at a PACKED Walmart, I realized after I’d loaded 5 items on the conveyor that I’d remembered all the ingredients for my meatballs but one. I saw the line behind me and looked in desperation at the gentleman behind me and asked if I could RUN and go get them. And run I did. When I got back, I didn’t even realize what lane I was in until I went around to the other side. Not only had the gentleman behind me allowed me to run back for one more thing, but he hadn’t touched my Kate Spade purse or anything in it. And to top it off, all of my groceries were bagged and ready for me. The check-out lady had loaded the rest of my (many) items on the conveyor for me. It was a show of kindness that I was so grateful for. I pulled the receipt but it doesn’t show her name, but I thank you. What a small, yet helpful, gesture of kindness.

Then I went to Lowe’s and I was that person; writing a check. I groaned at myself and apologized to the people behind me, but they smiled and said there was no problem at all. And when I got to my car, in the pouring rain, and was trying to figure out how to get my heavy item into the car, a gentleman stopped his truck and got out to ask if he could help me. I politely declined and got it in. That show of humanity, though. There is kindness in the world, although sometimes I think maybe we’re too jaded or tired or busy or distracted to notice. Maybe all that is needed is to look around and see the good. In a child’s eyes, it’s in a pile of leaves, a mud puddle, the soft and protective arms of mom and dad. It’s in the hearts of those that dedicate their lives to serving others; police, firefighters, missionaries, teachers, church personnel.

And I leave you with that. Just look around; it’s everywhere. I hope every single one of you reading this, and the billions that aren’t, have a wonderful Christmas that overlooks that small annoyances that seemingly hold our attention. Kindness is contagious, and it comes back to you tenfold. This holiday is the celebration of the birth of hope, of new life.

And if you haven’t gotten our Christmas card yet, it’s because some of them are sitting here on my desk still, and if you haven’t gotten it in the next couple weeks, it’s because I didn’t have your address. So, Merry Christmas from us, and have a very safe new year.