RACKing it up

Hubbin and I are in the midst of this remodel, so my RACK for the day on Saturday was not punching the Lowe’s guy that cut my wood wrong. Sometimes it’s the little things, you know?

Sunday’s RACK was fun. I went to Walmart and gathered all the baking supplies possible, and set out for cupcake baking. I baked batches and batches of three different types; a gingerbread spice cupcake with a whipped maple vanilla frosting, my famous German Chocolate cupcakes that are PHENOMENAL with a whipped chocolate mousse frosting, and a boring yellow cake cupcake with a whipped chocolate mousse frosting. Oh, and five mini cheesecakes for the pregnant chick who has been my friend for nearly 25 years. I didn’t leave Walmart until 8:13PM. As soon as they were all done, I packaged them cutely, printed my RACK sign, and walked out the door…at midnight.

I choose this group to RACK because they work long hours at thankless jobs, deal with high stress situations, and save lives. So, at midnight, I got in the car with 27 nicely packaged cupcakes and drove to my local emergency room. My friend works there, so I found her first. I know some people are skeeved about homemade goods, so I wanted her to walk me in there so they knew I wasn’t some crazy woman.

I did the same this morning on a quick break from work, only this time to Kennedy’s school admin and teachers, thanking them for the job they do.

So, what did you do?