New Year’s House Goals

Instead of resolutions, I figured I’ll post goals.

1. First and foremost, we have got to get organized. This house is way too small for all the crap we have, and way too small to not be organized. As it is, the cleaning lady (aka best thing that’s ever happened to me) can’t actually clean the whole house at once, because there’s always a room that has all the stuff shoved in it that was laying around all the rooms she DOES clean, in an effort to get it clean enough for her to come in. We are SLOBS. We have stuff we don’t even know about. We’ve got to get it under control.

2. A redo of our master bedroom. And by “master bedroom” I mean that the only thing that distinguishes it from the others is that we sleep there. It’s just an exact replica of the nursery in size. It’s also the only room in the house that doesn’t have heat. When I moved in, the floor was covered in blue shag carpet. And obviously no one felt that anyone would ever want to have the hardwood floors underneath, because they never bothered to throw a drop cloth down when they painted. We pulled up the carpet but the floors are trashed. I want to lay high pile carpet, Hubbin doesn’t agree. There’s not a single piece of furniture that matches another, either. Our bed is beautiful, Hubbin actually made it with his father, but it’s a sleigh bed and takes up precious space, which we really need. I’d love to get a matching bedroom set, and save our current bed for a future guest room.

3. Same for the nursery. I dislike very much the nursery. I was on bedrest at the end of my pregnancy, and we switched the girls’ rooms, so it wasn’t actually even inhabitable until she was 5 months old. It got somewhat finished, but not much. We are never upstairs unless we are sleeping, because the only things up there are the two bedrooms, so it hasn’t been a high priority.

4. Finally go to an IKEA to make most of this stuff happen.

It’s a lofty list, but then again, this time last year I hadn’t even considered decorating anything at all, nevermind accomplishing all the changes that we have. Hopefully we can get it done.

What about you guys? Anyone have any resolutions for the year?