The NEW New Living Room

Ok, so I hated the color of the living room before. It was supposed to be greige but it was definitely an army green to me, so it had to go. We also rearranged the furniture, and I installed new, better blinds.


After (kind of)

New things:

1. The new windows are in! There were curtains, but that’s a long story, so I’m waiting to see what I do with window treatments. There will either be white curtains or wooden valances, depending on what happens to the trim around the windows (another long story).

2. The rug is new. Back when I did the initial reveal, someone pointed out that the rug was too dark for the room, and now ever since, that’s all I’ve seen. I scooped this baby up (I love high pile rugs) at Ross for $39.99.

3. The blinds are upgraded. I’m taking the crappy ones up to our bedroom.

4. The paint color is Storm Cloud, by Sherwin Williams, mixed by Valspar, same as in the kitchen.

Yes, the walls are super bare and it’s driving me NUTS, but I haven’t had time to build the floating shelves which will be on each side of the window. The pictures that were on squares will go above the trim on the large opening that goes into my office:

Elmo is just waiting to be tickled, that furry little creep.

This helped SO much in giving the kids their own place to play that’s in the same room, but not rightinourface. Those red hooks need to come down. Speaking of the red, when I decided to do this color I had intended on scrapping the red entirely, switching to a glossy black door. However, I was really surprised by how much I actually liked the two colors together, because they don’t at all seem to me as if they’d go together. The door DOES need a new coat. It took like 6 coats before, and I got bored and just stopped right in the middle of painting it. It actually still has the Frog paint tape on the door frame.

This Red Door doesn’t smell like old ladies.

I love it. I love the configuration, the the colors, the contrast. I love the toy positioning, love it all. I can’t wait to get the window treatments and floating shelves up so the walls aren’t so bare! So, what do you think?


    • Carrie on February 27, 2014 at 7:33 pm

    What color red did you use?

      • Kristin on March 25, 2014 at 10:45 pm

      I will have to check and get back with you, actually. It took a while to decide!

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