Wanna see my drawers?

Not those drawers! Sheesh!

Hubbin’s dad made us two new drawers. We actually only have two drawers in the entire kitchen and they were awful. So, he graciously made us two new ones. Note that there is no storage in this frickin house. So, out of the two drawers I actually do have, one is for silverware, the other is for junk. Stuff that we can’t put anywhere else because the are only two drawers in this entire house and not a single closet that isn’t inside a bedroom. So, I took this opportunity to try and make some sense out of the junk drawer. So, this is before:

And after:

This is another example of where I differ from other home improvement blogs. Their junk drawers have like…nothing in them. Not so much here. My junk drawers have junk in them. They did in the before picture and still do in the after picture.

I’m happy with the drawers, but we need new slides. They have the old ball attached to the bottom of the dresser that fits into a track, which I’m sure was top notch technology back in the 40s when this house was built. Not so much now. Unfortunately, the orange store didn’t have undermount slides yesterday when we went, so we are stuck with these until I can order some.

They definitely look better, though!

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    • Kate on January 14, 2013 at 6:10 pm

    We use a stainless steel bread box as our junk ‘drawer’. It keeps stuff hidden and frees up a drawer.

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