So this week has gone by, and I haven’t posted. Which, in blog land, is apparently punishable by death. I try not to force-post because I think it’s obvious and boring, but this post is probably boring too, so whatever. In the last week, while I haven’t been posting, I have:

  • Started a new Bible study called For Women Only
  • Spent two whole days at my office which make for 15 hour days, which I’m not at all used to
  • Spent every waking moment snuggling my children, thanking God for another day with them
  • Started serving with a part of the Kid’s Community at my church that I really didn’t think I was suited for, but it was such a fate thing it’s not even funny. And I loved it.
  • Odyssey of the Mind practice Saturday, along with a birthday party
  • Began Operation WHY DO WE STILL HAVE ALL OF THIS CRAP?! That started partly in the master bedroom/throw everything in there room, and then migrated to the basement. Seriously, the crap that we have, it’s ridiculous.

I’ll start a new paragraph because this one will have bullet points too. So far, in my quest to find out what kind of flooring we have lurking underneath ALL OF THIS CRAP, I have found the following:

    • Two different maternity shirts. In itself, that’s not bad; however, they were dirty. Has it been that long since I did laundry? The kid is two.
    • Socks. and socks. and socks. and socks. and socks.
    • An Atari controller. And NO, Hubbin, I didn’t throw it away.
    • My nametag from my first law firm job back in 1999. The actual nametag outlasted the Firm. Seriously…they disbanded a few years ago.
    • Nine jars of Bare Minerals powder with a TINY bit in it
    • The Target dog
Thought I was kidding, didn't you?

Thought I was kidding, didn’t you?

  • A Christmas ornament I made in 1984
  • A Kitty Condo (wtf we have no pets)
  • A vacuum cleaner that June Cleaver would have deemed too old to use
  • A permission slip that The Oldest One needed returned in 2007 for a field trip
  • An external hard drive from 2009. I have no idea what’s on it.
  • All of the awful, horrible, very bad “decorative” pieces from obviously before I had any taste at all
  • Three different thank you cards addressed to my grandparents
  • Done 16 loads of laundry
  • Built a new website for The Little One’s Daycare
  • Oh, and worked. Doing things that require lots of attention, which I paid it, don’t worry. Even had to learn how to do new stuff!

Ok, so my organization skills need some work. I did actually make dinner tonight, from scratch, no creams or anything and that ish was out of this world. I even put spinach in it.

Nom. Nom. Nom.

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    • Sharon on February 12, 2013 at 3:28 am

    I spent part of the weekend cleaning out a bedroom closet. We also have problems like many others with the sock monster and missing mates. I decided all socks must now be put into a lingerie bag for laundry. There is only threes of us in the house and each person gets their own lingerie bag to keep track of their socks. I did six loads of laundry this weekend and loved how all the socks stayed together. LOL

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