Yeah, so…

Of you thought I was all progressed and whole and healed, that’s not the case.

The Little One is home with me MWF. Yesterday I spent running errands and I went to Walmart twice and y’all that should earn me a medal. Of stupidity. Oh, and J. Crew, until I remembered that we are one income now, so I only bought 3 things and left.

Today I found this picture which scared me and made me laugh and all those things.

YAY! Another me. I know some people who will be so happy.

YAY! Another me. I know some people no one who will be happy.

Today was good, though I have yet to understand how I clean daily and it’s a disaster every day. My friend Lori stays home and talks about how she mops six times a day sometimes and I secretly thought “What on earth happens in that house?”

LIFE HAPPENS. When you are home all day, it’s 24 hours of messy. And The Little One lives every bit of her nickname Hurricane Charlotte. I broke the mop today whipping her ass (not really).

I also broke like six commandments hanging up the new curtain rods.

I'm pretty sure Hubbin sees no difference but he was so sweet and supportive anyway.

I’m pretty sure Hubbin sees no difference but he was so sweet and supportive anyway.

They look nice though. Tomorrow I’ll hang the old ones up in my office/future dining room, once my office furniture is gone and we buy a dining set.

And I totally know that I told y’all about my IKEA trip and never posted pictures of the new set up. Namely because I don’t like it. The furniture doesn’t fit the way I like it, and Hubbin doesn’t like the current configuration. The truth is that I can live in utter chaos but I cannot deal with things that aren’t symmetrical or centered properly. None of that is happening with this oversized furniture. We should have gotten a loveseat instead of two full couches. I do love those damn curtains, though.

I need to hang the floating shelves and do the decorations that will go over them. That’s the main hold up here.

So much to do. And one would think that I now have time to do it, but I swear it feels like I have less!

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    • Lori Hurley on May 9, 2013 at 3:46 am

    Roflmao!!!! I mopped once yesterday (after Corey threw up breakfast) and it was sticky again by dinner. Steam mops are my true love!

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