The Red Door

Not the old lady perfume.


I am notorious for failing to take before pictures, this being no exception. Here is a rough idea of the way the house looked before I painted the door:


Don’t even ask about the exercise equipment on the front porch.


Seriously, I wonder where that thing went.

Pinterest I had the idea to paint the front door a teal/tiffany color. I grabbed a sample color from Lowe’s, which set me back less than $3, and went to painting.

It looks SO much better, doesn’t it?




Ignore the open “storm” door (it’s only called that because it looks like it’s been through a hurricane, not because it does anything a storm door is supposed to). We got a new, nice one, but it’s not up yet and it was hard to see the color with the current one shut.

Viola! I love it! The wreath was picked up at a junk sale for $1, and the letter is from one of the craft stores. And yes, we need to pressure wash the house, we totally know that. It’s already on the very long list of Stuff We Really Need to Do, Talk About Doing Often, But Never Get Around To.

What do you think?

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    • Vanessa on August 6, 2013 at 10:16 pm

    Love it! That color is my favorite color. It freshened up the front of your house so much. It looks great! Amazing what a difference $3 can make, huh?

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