I can see!

*Cue the Most Interesting Man in the World* I don’t write a ton of entries, but when I do, it’s all on the same day.

Ugh, so we’ve covered the fact that the bathroom is dark. One of the things I didn’t change last time was the overhead light, which needed it desperately. Not great lighting, y’all. It seriously is the ugliest light I have ever seen, save for the one in our hallway upstairs (there is totally a reason you have never seen a room up there).

old light

I went to Lowe’s and seriously could NOT find a light that I wanted that was small enough to fit there (the ceiling curves RIGHT after it, so a flush-mount wouldn’t really work. Nothing jumped out at me…at all. And the things I did like were outrageously priced compared to the stuff I’d seen at Home Depot. I wandered the aisles, totally annoyed that we couldn’t actually change the true problem, which was the lack of lighting, and I went and gazed longingly at the track lighting. As I was there, I noticed a light that just might work…except I had NO IDEA if you could just…do that. It was perfect, though, if it would work, and it was like $25 so totally worth the risk. Hubbin put it up tonight when he got home from work and viola!! It’s GORGEOUS and fits PERFECTLY and is REALLY bright (though I couldn’t really get a decent picture of it with the light on.

new lightI am SO happy with it!