Where is God?

psalmThese are hard times, y’all. The violence is almost unbearable to watch. As I drove into work this morning on this blustery day, I thought about what I would say to those who don’t believe. Truth be told, even the devout have times where they struggle to reconcile the tragedy around them with the belief in a good and loving God.

As I watched the leaves blow, I thought about God. How I cannot see Him, but I can see the results of Him. Despite not being able to visually see wind, we know it is real because we can feel it. We can see the beauty it creates in its power; how it bends objects in its weight. We see how it changes the things it touches. We feel it on our face on a hot day, providing respite from the heat. We feel it in the winter, stinging our face, urging us to go inside. It exists. It is invisible yet undeniable; beautiful and healing; destructive and powerful.

We do not lessen our belief in the existence of wind when a tornado decimates the Mid-West, or a hurricane destroys a city.

In the same way is God. I cannot show you His picture, but I can show you the effects of His presence. You’ll find it in the hearts of those who selflessly dedicate their lives to spreading the Word of the Gospel. It is found in the grieving mother, whose arms desperately want to cradle her lost child, but instead are raised in worship to His goodness. It is found in those who forgive the unforgivable, because He commanded us to do so. It is found in people worldwide who serve others selflessly. It is the candle lighting an otherwise dark room. And in times of trouble, you can choose to look at how dark the room is, or you can choose to fix your eyes upon the beauty illuminating from the Light.

The presence of evil will never be stronger than the beauty of God. As sharp as darkness is, it can never cast out light.

He is there always, in every moment, to heal our brokenness. In times of despair, we can always see the light if we adjust our focus.


  1. I definitely need help readjusting my focus! Psalm 94:19 seems perfect for that!

    • Andrea on December 7, 2015 at 7:23 am

    What beautiful hope-filled words you have shared. I’m reminded of this quote, “Lament over the darkness of the world but don’t believe it’s outside of God’s control and grace.” – Matt Chandler

    God is bigger. SO much bigger. Let us rest in His goodness and worship Him.

    Thank you for linking up with my Saturday Share Link Up. You are always welcome at my table.

      • Kristin on December 7, 2015 at 7:59 am

      Thank you so much!!

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