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I look at Facebook and see folks on there that post a lot of the same things. People are fake, no one cares about you but yourself, people don’t mind their own business, there’s drama every where they turn.

And as I read through my newsfeed, I see the stuff that’s shared. You know what it is, you’ve seen it. It’s hard when you’re used to a lifestyle to see that the common denominator is…well, you. My past life (and by that, I mean 10 years ago), was much different than my current life in that aspect. I think I recognize that some a lot of times, I’m the problem, not the solution.

I remember complaining to my mother once that I had a college professor that made super inappropriate, embarrassing comments about my chest in the middle of lecture, and it happened weekly. My mother would gently say “Perhaps you could dress differently.”

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So I’m taking the Bible Stude “For Women Only”. I highly recommend it, and no, I am totally not important enough to get paid for plugs or anything, so you can trust that this entire website really is just my own opinion without any kickbacks.

Anyway, For Women Only is written by Shaunti Feldhahn, and it’s a guide to understanding why/how men work, and what you can do to make your marriage work way better. She came and spoke at my church last weekend, and I had a groundbreaking moment where I honestly sat stunned at the connection.

She talks about God’s purpose for us, and look, I’ll be honest, I hear blahblahblah and my eyes glaze over when I hear that. It is SO hard for me to understand that each person has a specific purpose. I just…can’t get it. My mind can’t wrap around it. I see His gifts in my friends, don’t get me wrong. But me? I just don’t see it.

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Back in November 2009, I went through a bad time. I didn’t know God then, but as I lay in the floor of my daughter’s bedroom (she wasn’t home), sobbing in my hands, talking about divorce, I heaved through tears the phrase “I have to call Amy”.

Amy? I wouldn’t have known Amy if I’d fallen over her. I couldn’t have picked her out of a lineup. She was the wife of a guy whose brother I’d dated for five months my freshman year of college. Yes, that removed. And while the brother and I had remained friends over the years, I never had met his wife, and I hadn’t even seen him in years. And yet there I was…sobbing on the floor, facing the wreckage, only to feel someone, something, say “I need to call Amy”.

She had to have been bewildered; I didn’t have her number, though we had Facebooked a few times (you know, the casual “Hey, we should meet up one day”) that lasts for years. So Thanksgiving weekend, I sent her a message that my marriage had fallen apart, and all I knew was that I needed her. And that was it. And she jumped in. In retrospect, can you imagine how horrifying that must have been?

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Though I’d like to write this beautiful entry about today being Charlotte’s birthday, my heart is impossibly heavy from the sudden and unexpected death of the child of a friend. We were pregnant together, her beautiful daughter just a few weeks older than my Charlotte, which makes it inherently difficult to reconcile. Their family is incredibly strong in faith, and they will need to be in the upcoming days, months, years.

I simply cannot fathom living through the loss of a child. So, for today, the celebratory pictures will wait, and I ask that you say a prayer for the families that are hurting right now, hug your children, and thank God that whatever bad day you think you had, it was really nothing in the grand scheme of what others have gone through today.




I saw this sign today, posted on Facebook; it says

“And so it was . . . that she, having waited long and endured patiently, realized and obtained what God had promised.”

I realized I’ve been really overwhelmed with this feeling lately. Once upon a time, I was a single mom that really was struggling to make it. Newly separated, and with a five-month-old depending on me, I realized that my path, my dreams, had somewhere gone terribly awry from what I had envisioned for myself. I never dreamed I’d be the poor single mother with no degree; or, more accurately, with half a degree. I’d put my schooling “on hold” (aka, couldn’t balance it) during my first marriage, and worked in the blossoming career as a delivery driver for Domino’s before working for my mother’s accounting firm when I was too pregnant to bring people their food. When my marriage dissolved, I found myself in a very different place than I’d ever anticipated, and I busted my butt and worked three jobs while commuting 3 hours a day, 3 days a week. And I kid you not, I never slept. I remember sitting and sobbing at times, hating that I was working and schooling so much that I was missing important things with my daughter. I remember my mother telling me to just focus on the finish line; that one day it would all be worth it. And then I graduated and my starting salary for my first job was SO much less than I thought it would be. All that work…what was it for? It seemed like that day would never come.

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Just. . .me

When I started this blog, it was basically just people I knew reading it. And they knew me, and knew my sense of humor, and so I could kind of be unfiltered and random, because that’s basically me. I knew that I loved to write, and more than that, that I loved to make people laugh. I was sucked into Pinterest, shockingly, because I wasn’t THAT KIND of mom. I’m not crafty or good with tools or dates. I can’t tell you how many field trips my oldest child has missed because I forgot the permission slip or the money, or both. And the home improvement blogs; they were awesome, but they required the skill and money that I just didn’t have. I wanted to reach people like me; to show that if I can do it, seriously ANYONE can do it. I am, at heart, the lackadaisical mom. The tag line of “where apathy meets ambition” could be the story of my life. I have great ideas, great intentions, lofty goals, but I lose interest quickly, so it’s a battle of the wills to get things done.

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