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Y’all Are Probably So Tired of My Living Room

My living room has had more posts about it than any other room in the house, and it’s STILL not done.  Having said that, I told y’all about the epic IKEA trip and there needs to be an update because even though the room is STILL not done, if I waited for it to be done, there would be nothing to blog about.

To recap, here is the transformation of the living room:

This is roughly what it looked like from 2007-2010. Emphasis on the rough.

This is roughly what it looked like from 2007-2010.

This is roughly what it looked like from 2010-2012. Less emphasis on the rough, but wow. Ugly. This was what it looked like when I decided to make it over.


This is my first makeover. I have fond memories because I love the trim and I was SO proud of those pelmet boxes, but that color is so ugly I could die.


Side note, Hubbin was pissed that he had to miss the game just to move while I took pictures.

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Yeah, so…

Of you thought I was all progressed and whole and healed, that’s not the case.

The Little One is home with me MWF. Yesterday I spent running errands and I went to Walmart twice and y’all that should earn me a medal. Of stupidity. Oh, and J. Crew, until I remembered that we are one income now, so I only bought 3 things and left.

Today I found this picture which scared me and made me laugh and all those things.

YAY! Another me. I know some people who will be so happy.

YAY! Another me. I know some people no one who will be happy.

Today was good, though I have yet to understand how I clean daily and it’s a disaster every day. My friend Lori stays home and talks about how she mops six times a day sometimes and I secretly thought “What on earth happens in that house?”

LIFE HAPPENS. When you are home all day, it’s 24 hours of messy. And The Little One lives every bit of her nickname Hurricane Charlotte. I broke the mop today whipping her ass (not really).

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So this week has gone by, and I haven’t posted. Which, in blog land, is apparently punishable by death. I try not to force-post because I think it’s obvious and boring, but this post is probably boring too, so whatever. In the last week, while I haven’t been posting, I have:

  • Started a new Bible study called For Women Only
  • Spent two whole days at my office which make for 15 hour days, which I’m not at all used to
  • Spent every waking moment snuggling my children, thanking God for another day with them
  • Started serving with a part of the Kid’s Community at my church that I really didn’t think I was suited for, but it was such a fate thing it’s not even funny. And I loved it.
  • Odyssey of the Mind practice Saturday, along with a birthday party
  • Began Operation WHY DO WE STILL HAVE ALL OF THIS CRAP?! That started partly in the master bedroom/throw everything in there room, and then migrated to the basement. Seriously, the crap that we have, it’s ridiculous.
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Wanna see my drawers?

Not those drawers! Sheesh!

Hubbin’s dad made us two new drawers. We actually only have two drawers in the entire kitchen and they were awful. So, he graciously made us two new ones. Note that there is no storage in this frickin house. So, out of the two drawers I actually do have, one is for silverware, the other is for junk. Stuff that we can’t put anywhere else because the are only two drawers in this entire house and not a single closet that isn’t inside a bedroom. So, I took this opportunity to try and make some sense out of the junk drawer. So, this is before:

And after:

This is another example of where I differ from other home improvement blogs. Their junk drawers have like…nothing in them. Not so much here. My junk drawers have junk in them. They did in the before picture and still do in the after picture.

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New Year’s House Goals

Instead of resolutions, I figured I’ll post goals.

1. First and foremost, we have got to get organized. This house is way too small for all the crap we have, and way too small to not be organized. As it is, the cleaning lady (aka best thing that’s ever happened to me) can’t actually clean the whole house at once, because there’s always a room that has all the stuff shoved in it that was laying around all the rooms she DOES clean, in an effort to get it clean enough for her to come in. We are SLOBS. We have stuff we don’t even know about. We’ve got to get it under control.

2. A redo of our master bedroom. And by “master bedroom” I mean that the only thing that distinguishes it from the others is that we sleep there. It’s just an exact replica of the nursery in size. It’s also the only room in the house that doesn’t have heat. When I moved in, the floor was covered in blue shag carpet. And obviously no one felt that anyone would ever want to have the hardwood floors underneath, because they never bothered to throw a drop cloth down when they painted. We pulled up the carpet but the floors are trashed. I want to lay high pile carpet, Hubbin doesn’t agree. There’s not a single piece of furniture that matches another, either. Our bed is beautiful, Hubbin actually made it with his father, but it’s a sleigh bed and takes up precious space, which we really need. I’d love to get a matching bedroom set, and save our current bed for a future guest room.

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The NEW New Living Room

Ok, so I hated the color of the living room before. It was supposed to be greige but it was definitely an army green to me, so it had to go. We also rearranged the furniture, and I installed new, better blinds.


After (kind of)

New things:

1. The new windows are in! There were curtains, but that’s a long story, so I’m waiting to see what I do with window treatments. There will either be white curtains or wooden valances, depending on what happens to the trim around the windows (another long story).

2. The rug is new. Back when I did the initial reveal, someone pointed out that the rug was too dark for the room, and now ever since, that’s all I’ve seen. I scooped this baby up (I love high pile rugs) at Ross for $39.99.

3. The blinds are upgraded. I’m taking the crappy ones up to our bedroom.

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