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The Oldest One

So here’s what you don’t know – my daughter, The Oldest One, is getting baptized on Sunday. She’s been asking for a while, but I have continually said no. How can she grasp something at nine years old that took me twenty-nine years to learn? And sometimes I still don’t really “get it”.

The Oldest One was an old soul at birth. She kept me in line from day one. Becoming a mother didn’t come naturally to me, and God blessed me so much with this child. She was a difficult baby, but has been a wonderful child since. We struggled during the 3’s, but any parent will tell you that’s the hardest of the toddler years.

Strong willed but obedient, she’s a people pleaser and a caretaker. She reminds me of school deadlines; she learned early that she needed to. I remember picking her up at daycare and her looking at me sadly and saying “You forgot to send money again for Melody Makers. I didn’t get to go.”

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Gee thanks.

So I stopped called The Little One “The Little Jerk” because I didn’t want people to think I actually think kids are jerks, let alone my own kid.

This morning’s experience convinces me to perhaps rethink that, though. This morning, as I was getting out of the shower, she came into the bathroom and stood there pointing at me and SCREAMING “EWWWW!” no less than 10 times.

I may have stooped to her level when I hollered “IT’S YOUR FAULT I LOOK LIKE THIS!” before evacuating her from the bathroom.

Luckily she had no idea what I was saying. And she had no room to talk, either; with her freshly washed hair before bed and the scowl on her face, she looked just like Nick Nolte’s mugshot.

Today’s thought of the day? May the rest of you bear children that aren’t horrified at the sight of you.

Easter Weekend

This weekend, Hubbin’s sister, Sila, came up with her entourage. We headed to Snowflex to fake ski/tube. I’m not what you would call an “outdoor activity” kind of girl, but you know, I decided to shock Hubbin by participating and decided to go down the baby slope in a tube. Then I got super daring and went on a

knee board.

Let me explain that this isn’t snow. The best way I can describe it is the non-fuzzy part of velcro, but about an inch long and water sprays so it slides like snow (I suppose, I don’t like the cold so I don’t go sledding). So, I jumped on the knee board and got mostly to the end before this happened:

It. Hurt.

It. Hurt.

Then I decided I was much too injured to participate so I did this mostly the rest of the time:


I was holding a shirt for someone, see? It’s blue.

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So this week has gone by, and I haven’t posted. Which, in blog land, is apparently punishable by death. I try not to force-post because I think it’s obvious and boring, but this post is probably boring too, so whatever. In the last week, while I haven’t been posting, I have:

  • Started a new Bible study called For Women Only
  • Spent two whole days at my office which make for 15 hour days, which I’m not at all used to
  • Spent every waking moment snuggling my children, thanking God for another day with them
  • Started serving with a part of the Kid’s Community at my church that I really didn’t think I was suited for, but it was such a fate thing it’s not even funny. And I loved it.
  • Odyssey of the Mind practice Saturday, along with a birthday party
  • Began Operation WHY DO WE STILL HAVE ALL OF THIS CRAP?! That started partly in the master bedroom/throw everything in there room, and then migrated to the basement. Seriously, the crap that we have, it’s ridiculous.
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Charlotte is 2

And what a day it was. I scheduled her birthday party for noon and I do not know WHAT I was thinking. Noon, really? I wake up, shower, clean, and bake 3 dozen cookies from scratch and 2 dozen cupcakes? And get pizza?

And not setting an alarm clock. That wasn’t the best idea either.

The end result is that it came together – barely, but it did. And you know? It was fine. Everyone had a good time, the cupcakes and cookies were made, things were put out, gifts were opened, and we are ending the day with love and gratitude.

Both of my children are miracle babies, for different reasons. As I’ve said a million times, Charlotte is my miracle baby mostly because the cleft in her soft palate was so big that were she born in a third-world country, she would not have survived. That weighs SO heavily on me; this beautiful child would have just…not been. Due to that, we asked last year that in lieu of gifts, people donate to Operation Smile in her name. And they respected our (very firm) wishes and did so. And because of that, we raised enough to sponsor a surgery for a child affected by cleft in a third world country.

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Though I’d like to write this beautiful entry about today being Charlotte’s birthday, my heart is impossibly heavy from the sudden and unexpected death of the child of a friend. We were pregnant together, her beautiful daughter just a few weeks older than my Charlotte, which makes it inherently difficult to reconcile. Their family is incredibly strong in faith, and they will need to be in the upcoming days, months, years.

I simply cannot fathom living through the loss of a child. So, for today, the celebratory pictures will wait, and I ask that you say a prayer for the families that are hurting right now, hug your children, and thank God that whatever bad day you think you had, it was really nothing in the grand scheme of what others have gone through today.