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New Year’s House Goals

Instead of resolutions, I figured I’ll post goals.

1. First and foremost, we have got to get organized. This house is way too small for all the crap we have, and way too small to not be organized. As it is, the cleaning lady (aka best thing that’s ever happened to me) can’t actually clean the whole house at once, because there’s always a room that has all the stuff shoved in it that was laying around all the rooms she DOES clean, in an effort to get it clean enough for her to come in. We are SLOBS. We have stuff we don’t even know about. We’ve got to get it under control.

2. A redo of our master bedroom. And by “master bedroom” I mean that the only thing that distinguishes it from the others is that we sleep there. It’s just an exact replica of the nursery in size. It’s also the only room in the house that doesn’t have heat. When I moved in, the floor was covered in blue shag carpet. And obviously no one felt that anyone would ever want to have the hardwood floors underneath, because they never bothered to throw a drop cloth down when they painted. We pulled up the carpet but the floors are trashed. I want to lay high pile carpet, Hubbin doesn’t agree. There’s not a single piece of furniture that matches another, either. Our bed is beautiful, Hubbin actually made it with his father, but it’s a sleigh bed and takes up precious space, which we really need. I’d love to get a matching bedroom set, and save our current bed for a future guest room.

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Wait, what?

Charlotte would like you to know that she was NOT aware that Santa deciphered between naughty and nice and would like a redo of 2012.


Merry Christmas, y’all. Keep us in your prayers through the holiday, as we have a lot of extended family traveling to Maine to celebrate the life of my Grandpa John. My parents are flying out at 7AM on Christmas morning, so this will be a much different looking holiday than ever before. My sister and I are flying out at 6AM on the 26th. You know how much airports love me, too. So much that they never want to let me leave.

I have no connecting flights in Newark, though. That’s an upside.

Just. . .me

When I started this blog, it was basically just people I knew reading it. And they knew me, and knew my sense of humor, and so I could kind of be unfiltered and random, because that’s basically me. I knew that I loved to write, and more than that, that I loved to make people laugh. I was sucked into Pinterest, shockingly, because I wasn’t THAT KIND of mom. I’m not crafty or good with tools or dates. I can’t tell you how many field trips my oldest child has missed because I forgot the permission slip or the money, or both. And the home improvement blogs; they were awesome, but they required the skill and money that I just didn’t have. I wanted to reach people like me; to show that if I can do it, seriously ANYONE can do it. I am, at heart, the lackadaisical mom. The tag line of “where apathy meets ambition” could be the story of my life. I have great ideas, great intentions, lofty goals, but I lose interest quickly, so it’s a battle of the wills to get things done.

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The Little Jerk

Warning, serious post ahead, as I reflect today.

The Little Jerk is…not so much a jerk anymore. Once she started walking, she became this adorable, funny, witty, goofy kid that is just captivating. She’s still a jerk to strangers, but you know, that’s ok. Once I was lamenting that it’s frustrating that The Older One, aka Angel Baby, would go to anyone, but The Little Jerk? Still won’t even go to my father. Someone reminded me to remember my annoyance down the road, because soon, Angel Baby will be a teenager, and the obedient, “never met a stranger” qualities won’t be a great thing.

Most of you know, unless you happened upon this site from somewhere far away, that The Little Jerk was born with a cleft in her soft palate. If we’re being honest, during my pregnancy, I worried about miscarriage or complications, but it genuinely never once occurred to me that she might have any birth defects. Funny side note, when she came out, she had the most gigantic, horrific looking nose I had ever seen. It was ghastly; in fact, I think I gasped. I remember thinking “Oh…my. What on earth?!” And seriously, before you say “Oh, I’m sure it wasn’t bad”, let me show you Exhibit A:

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Halloween, y’all / Kid Style

One of the cool things about living in Virginia is that the weather can be unpredictable, so you can have a super warm Halloween. One of the sucky things about living in Virginia is that the weather can be unpredictable, so you can have a super freezing Halloween. Let’s look at the last few years:

It may not be obvious, but it makes it seriously difficult to choose a costume because of this nonsense. Will it be freezing? Hot? Can this costume have easily removable/addable layers? Can cats/cheerleaders/zombies wear mittens? Doctors can pull off gloves and a white coat, but as you see, the weather was perfectly normal that year. One thing we’ve never once had to worry about, though, is snow. Oh wait, UNTIL NOW. What the hell, Sandy?! Luckily the snow had melted, though it still made for a particularly chilly night. Kennedy spent her first Halloween with her dad, stepmom, and brothers, which I’ll admit was difficult for me since we have a tradition, but it’s important for her dad’s side to get traditions as well. He sent me this picture of her and her older brother:

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Spoiled Princess


Daddy spoils his baby. Why sit in your high chair when you can sit in your Daddy’s lap while he feeds you? One day I’m going to look over and he’ll be chewing it and spitting it in her mouth like a mama bird.