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The Trip – Part 1

This mere 24 hour trip was so traumatizing that I haven’t even been able to talk about it for days. And no kidding, as I was writing that sentence, one of the baby’s toys started singing and no one is here but me. It was THAT bad.

Since we had to pick up the oldest kid from camp on Saturday morning, which was already 3 hours away, I planned a shopping trip for Friday evening after we got off work, hitting up a mall on our way and then crashing with friends. Hubbin wanted to get a hotel room, which I was not receptive to, as I wanted to save that $90 for more clothes a rainy day. Normally, going to the camp is a straight line. However, adding in the mall trip made it a triangle, because it was significantly out of the way.


One thing to note is that my husband is notorious for underestimating the amount of time it takes to get anywhere to avoid hearing me complain. And while it’s true that at times, I whine about time, it’s really nothing in comparison to how pissed I get when it takes way longer than he says.

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Whirling Dervish

Ok so I haven’t been posting a ton because I have been busy doing nothing and enjoying every minute of it. Since my boss understands that the biggest return on investment you can possibly get in your company is to spoil the crap out of your employees, he gave us an impromptu paid vacation and closed the office from Wednesday through Sunday.

So, I put The Little Jerk in daycare and spent the week with my oldest kid, who is really awesome and fun to hang out with. Then, I invited myself and kids as well as a coworker and her kids over to my cleaning lady’s house, because she has a sweet in-ground pool. Loved it.

This one is way nicer than the little one.

So I’m astounded at the hits on this blog. It really is just insane, and completely unexpected. What happens is that I sit to make a blog post and see that there are 18k hits in a little over a month and panic and erase what I wrote because it’s totally not funny enough.

That isn’t it, y’all. You have to click here to read the rest!

Quality Childcare

Our quality childcare program is hiring for the summer if y’all are interested.


This may be why male nannies aren’t all that popular.