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I’m still here, I promise!

It has been a wild month, guys, and I’m sorry I haven’t been around. I landed my dream job and along with that came adjusting to wearing heels every day, commuting, getting dressed every day, and putting in long days. I did find the Mecca of workplaces, though. They work as a team, and truly value their employees. No calls after work or on weekends. No mandatory late evenings throwing parties, or working on days off. Taking lunch or leaving at the end of the day isn’t seen as a sign of weakness. You work hard when you’re there, and when you aren’t there, you aren’t working. It’s a novel idea!

Along with accepting the job, though, has been a acclimating the kids back to a working mom schedule. And Hubbin has been phenomenal. He’s always been a good husband, but he has taken care of the children, getting them up and feeding them and off to their prospective places, even though I leave after him, so I can plot my best route to take. He picks them up in the evening and feeds them before I even get home. One day that I’d had a bad day, I came home to my favorite Japanese takeout order sitting in the counter. Other times, it’s been home cooked meals. And some days I ate and fell into bed, and he did all the work. One day, the house was immaculate when I got home. It had always been straightened up when I got home, but this time it was immaculate. I think I cried. He is the best man I have ever known, and I loves the way he loves me. He even agreed to let me buy an iPhone 5 out of contract.

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Marital Minefield

Hubbin and I are doing Marriage on the Rock by Jimmy Evans through MarriageWorks at church. We are really enjoying it so far. We sat down last night to do the homework, only to happen across this assignment:

Separately, each take a piece of paper and create a timeline of your marriage. Starting at your wedding and ending at the present day, draw a line going up and down as appropriate to indicate your changing level of satisfaction with your marriage over time. When you’re both through, compare the two time lines and see how they match up. What events in your lives have affected your satisfaction?

Now, I’m no rocket scientist, but I think this sounds like a BAD IDEA, and from the look on Hubbin’s face, he totally agrees. Regardless, we do it anyway. When it comes time to compare, we see this:

IMG_8245We were so relieved to know we were miserable at the same time! And cheers to it no longer being 2010, y’all.

That isn’t it, y’all. You have to click here to read the rest!