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The First One

So here we are…my first blog post. You should know some things about me. I love ellipses…you’ll find out pretty shortly. And my husband and kids too, by the way. The husband is great and while I’d love to put something funny in here, he really is just awesome. My oldest kid is 8. She’s an awesome kid. The baby is a totally different story. She is 16 months and full of piss and vinegar and I like to narrarate her inner monologue, so she’s super sarcastic too. Very funny kid, that one. that’s her in the picture, making her “WTF, no she DIDN’T” face at daycare.

I’d like to wow you with interesting stories of success against all odds, but in all reality, I had a sweet childhood. Two parents, one sister. She looks like a thinner, prettier, more successful version of me, so that’s fun. But really, she’s great. She’s the story of success against all odds, but we can save that for another day (or maybe not, it’s my blog).

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