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The Wisdom of Erma Bombeck

I loved Erma Bombeck. Even as a child, I would read her books and I totally identified with her sarcastic parenting. To be honest, thinking now, I wouldn’t be surprised if it shaped my parenting, and even my writing.

I read everything on the Internet tonight in a feeble attempt to avoid doing my bible study work (some days it’s just harder than others, ok?). After reading everything else, I went to in search of nothing but dull reading that didn’t require the hard look inside that Lisa TerKeurst’s writing does. Yes, y’all, Snopes. I was trying that hard to avoid reading anything emotional.

And on the Randomizer, this popped up:

(written after she found out she was dying from cancer).

I would have gone to bed when I was sick instead of pretending the earth would go into a holding pattern if I weren’t there for the day.

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Men Working

Look, y’all, it’s so unusual ’round these parts that they have to put up signs to let you know.
20130731-110600.jpg(It’s not unusual for MY husband, but I found it so funny that I couldn’t resist)

Right Now…

There are some posts I have coming in the pipeline, ones that aren’t done yet, ones about actual home improvement that are humorous, or about being lackadaisical in general, or, my favorite, Year Two of Bringing The Oldest One to Camp. Right now, though, I’ve had a rough couple of days. And it’s no secret that I strongly believe in God. I also believe that He speaks to me through songs. I joke that He controls my iPod shuffle. Yesterday morning, I had never heard this song before; as of the last 24 hours, it has “randomly” come on three times. The first time it came on, I was impatiently waiting on news. The second time it came on, I’d gotten the news, and it devastated me, I just didn’t understand. I didn’t understand how this could be His plan for me; it seemed so clear, the timing so perfect. I just sat and cried; from frustration, from sadness, in mourning of my own plans. And now, in the midst of a serious talk with Hubbin, it came on again. So I don’t know where you are, but in case you’re in that place, here it is:

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Yeah, so…

Of you thought I was all progressed and whole and healed, that’s not the case.

The Little One is home with me MWF. Yesterday I spent running errands and I went to Walmart twice and y’all that should earn me a medal. Of stupidity. Oh, and J. Crew, until I remembered that we are one income now, so I only bought 3 things and left.

Today I found this picture which scared me and made me laugh and all those things.

YAY! Another me. I know some people who will be so happy.

YAY! Another me. I know some people no one who will be happy.

Today was good, though I have yet to understand how I clean daily and it’s a disaster every day. My friend Lori stays home and talks about how she mops six times a day sometimes and I secretly thought “What on earth happens in that house?”

LIFE HAPPENS. When you are home all day, it’s 24 hours of messy. And The Little One lives every bit of her nickname Hurricane Charlotte. I broke the mop today whipping her ass (not really).

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The Church of First Responders

No bones about it, last weekend was the hardest weekend of my little family’s life. The marriage retreat was designed to bring us closer, and it did, but it wasn’t all surface stuff. It forced us to dig deep into the junk, the stuff that had desperately tried to come to the light that had been pushed down.

On Tuesday, I watched the Boston bombings and saw that very familiar site; the police, firefighters, and good Samaritans running toward the carnage, the danger, the chaos, to help in any way that they could. It didn’t matter if they had training, or experience, they wanted to help on any way that they could.

I thought back at our marriage retreat, and that night that all the junk came to the surface.

I’ll tell you, before joining our church, I was not keen on Christians. I didn’t trust them, because they are gossipy and fake. And while I felt that way before, that’s totally not the experience we’ve had there. It is all laid out on the table, junk, screw-ups, sins. It’s all out, it’s all real.

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We’re Back!

So we had the marriage retreat and it was wonderful and hard and exhausting and invigorating, all at the same time. Here we are en route:

There were a ton of things said that weekend, but most of it isn’t for y’all. Here are some highlights, though:

The problem with a cult is that you don’t find out you’re in one until the last day.

There’s a place for flannel nightgowns, ladies. The fireplace.

Funnies aside, this has been a super long, stressful week with lots of changes. We started this class very happy with each other and our marriage, but this retreat forced us even closer; closer than we’ve ever been. Closer than either of us realized was even possible.

I am genuinely the luckiest woman alive. I feel sorry for y’all, because I can tell you without doubt that your husbands are not as good as mine. Not sorry enough to give him to y’all, though. He’s all mine.

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