IKEA (Swedish for “Why Did I Do This?”)

OK, so there actually WAS a post last week, but I didn’t post it because I wrote it when I was furious, and I calmed down and realized that I didn’t want a bunch of yuck on my blog. Plus, I handled the situation.

So all is well now.

Hubbin and I have wanted to go to IKEA for a while now. Ok, just me. I got Hubbin on board when I pitched it from the side that we need organization in this pit of despair that we call home, and also, I hate hate hate that no one can ever stay with us because we have three bedrooms and two adults and two children that are almost seven years apart, so there are no spare rooms. And don’t get me started on the basement. We cannot put guests there.

I found the Månstad from IKEA and I HAD to have it. That and these white Expedit shelving. And I wanted to order it, but the shipping fee is a horrifying $300, which was a no-go when you only want to go buy a couch and a shelf, right?

That isn’t it, y’all. You have to click here to read the rest!

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