Hey, y’all! I’ve been quiet lately because I’ve been attempting to recover. For some reason, I intended on not taking any time off after the surgery. I’m honestly not sure what in the hell I was thinking, because I’m pretty sure all it did was prolong the healing. Apparently even though it’s laproscopic, it still should be taken more seriously than, say, a cough.

So anyway, I’m healing. I hope to God that I’m still swollen, but it’s definitely a possibility that this is my new shape thanks to the $40 in cupcakes I’ve eaten this week.

Yesterday the gang headed to the mall (you know really, I don’t know WTF possesses us to continue to bring this child in public). She was alright, save for a moment in Barnes and Noble where I expressed my genuine appreciation for getting spayed after I realized that her outfit wasn’t soaked in apple juice as we’d thought, but instead in poop soup.

Though in all honesty, none of these things hold a candle to the sheer frustration I encounter every single time I shop with The Limited. And honestly, every single time, I swear it’s going to be the last. And if their damn clothes weren’t so adorable and well fitting, I probably would have given up. Alas, I went in yesterday for more punishment, and true to form, it ended up being a 40 minute headache during which I again swore this was my last time shopping there. I once contemplated working there just for the discount, but decided not I when I realized I’d have to talk like them. They sound like Kardashians on helium; at least the ones in my local store do.

So that’s what I’ve been busy doing; recovering, eating cupcakes like the alternative is death, and fighting the good fight at The Limited. Oh, and breaking Pinterest:

Ok, no need to be rude!

Alright, y’all have fun. I’m going to go lay down and pretend I feel worse than I do, so I can get some peace and quiet. Because seriously, is it just me, or is it Annoy Mom Day? Regardless, my children are actively participating. Calgon….