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Office Rug

Hey y’all! I posted this on my Facebook but I figured I’d elaborate.

It took me months to pick out the gray for the walls (Stonington Gray by Benjamin Moore), and nearly as long to pick out the rug. Hubbin asked me how many rugs we were going to buy until I screeched “AS MANY AS IT TAKES TO GET THE RIGHT ONE, OK?!” because I am a loving and graceful wife. Grays are so hard to match – I really feel like picking out paint colors shouldn’t be this hard, but it is. Since the gray is such a low toned gray, I didn’t want a dark rug to go with it.

So I finally settled on this one:


I don’t get referral links because no one cares about me, but if you’re interested, it’s the Safavieh Indoor/ Outdoor Amherst Beige/ Light Grey Rug from Overstock. Wayfair carries it as well, but it was cheaper with Overstock (and they refunded me the difference when they knocked it down by $50 two days after I bought it). It shipped relatively quickly and made it without a mark on it (which will likely be short lived, since my kids seem hell bent on destroying everything I ever buy).

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Bathroom Renovation, Take 56

Ugh, y’all. Do you remember the month it took me to reno my bathroom last time? Well, it’s time again.

Hubbin and I have been in this limbo area for a while now, and it’s incredibly frustrating. Our house is small, at 1248SF, and there is ONE, TINY BATHROOM, y’all. There is little to be left to the imagination between a couple when you have to share a bathroom. And we have two girls. We are outgrowing this house so quickly. There are too many people in too little space. There’s not a single closet that exists outside of a bedroom – let that one sink in. Nowhere to put coats, or linens, or whatever people put in pantries. Nowhere for the vacuum cleaner or broom. There is storage upstairs, which consists of only two bedrooms, (and takes up room space to give you the closets), but it is hardly adequate for me and my shopping issue family.

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The Pelmet Boxes

Yay, pelmet boxes!


 Remember Before?

Before Pelmet


After Pelmet

I didn’t take in progress pictures during this process, for two reasons:

  1. I didn’t get home that night until 11PM and it HAD to be done that night because the cleaning lady had come I had slaved over the house all day and wanted to get pictures before the house was destroyed again, which was soon.  She left at 3PM and when I took these pictures at 11, I actually had to vacuum again.
  2. The Heat/Celtics game was on, and Hubbins patience with me was running low.  We were well into the Hubbin witching hour as it was; stopping to take pictures during the process was SO not happening.
  3. It was hot as hell in the house so I was in my underwear.  And you do NOT want that pictured!


So basically, I saw pelmet boxes on Pinterest and really liked them.  When I google’d directions on how to do them, they were horrifyingly flimsy and were not really what I wanted.  I had leftover parts from doing the board and batten in the bathroom, so I used them.

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