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The Desks Are In…

Sheesh, y’all, I have waited for this day…wow. Long time. As you know, Hubbin’s dad is a woodworking extraordinaire, and I had him custom build desks for the-room-that-just-whatever (it was a dining room, then an office, then a dining room, then a play room, and now it is turning back into an office). So, I asked Hubbin’s dad to custom build identical desks because I can live in total chaos as long as it is symmetrical. THERE MUST BE SYMMETRY IN MY WORLD OR MAMA WILL FALL APART.

Anyway, So at last post, I’d painted the living room a very, very light shade of gray. Today, Hubbin’s dad delivered the desks. And oh…guys. He does such beautiful work. I kind of picture it like this, but without the sad ending and drugs and swearing and all the dead people:

I tend to want to wait to post until it’s all done, but that is really boring and no one else on Earth does that. So, ignore the curtains that aren’t going to stay, the rug that will be replaced, the thing in front of the window that’s going up to my room, and a million other things. And know that there are lots of decorations coming and they are going to be beautiful. But for now, just look at the beautiful work. It is exactly how I pictured it, and Irvin (Hubbin’s father) nails it EVERY SINGLE TIME.

That isn’t it, y’all. You have to click here to read the rest!

Sneak Peek!

When I got home last night, Hubbin had assembled the new vanity. I ordered different hardware than it came with because I wasn’t wild about the pulls.


These match the kitchen and I LOVE them. I also completely love the way the sink is. It’s not totally finished – obviously the drain isn’t put in and also because it’s sitting in our living room, but I am getting really excited! Yesterday I ran to TJ Maxx and grabbed a new shower curtain rod, hooks, a liner, and a decorative cup and soap dispenser, and then to Lowe’s to get a new light fixture and Satin Nickel spray paint.


You see, we have these awful sconces in the bathroom right now, and Hubbin wants to keep them only because they also have electrical outlets on them. I could notreally care either way, but we do only have one other outlet in the entire bathroom, so I didn’t fight him on that. I wasn’t having dark sconces though, so I spray painted them. I figured the worst it could do would be to ruin them, and then I’d get new pretty ones anyway. Seemed like a win-win for me. It’s not great, but it’s not as bad as it could be. I need to pain and then decide. It’s hard to tell the way it is now.

The Pelmet Boxes

Yay, pelmet boxes!


 Remember Before?

Before Pelmet


After Pelmet

I didn’t take in progress pictures during this process, for two reasons:

  1. I didn’t get home that night until 11PM and it HAD to be done that night because the cleaning lady had come I had slaved over the house all day and wanted to get pictures before the house was destroyed again, which was soon.  She left at 3PM and when I took these pictures at 11, I actually had to vacuum again.
  2. The Heat/Celtics game was on, and Hubbins patience with me was running low.  We were well into the Hubbin witching hour as it was; stopping to take pictures during the process was SO not happening.
  3. It was hot as hell in the house so I was in my underwear.  And you do NOT want that pictured!


So basically, I saw pelmet boxes on Pinterest and really liked them.  When I google’d directions on how to do them, they were horrifyingly flimsy and were not really what I wanted.  I had leftover parts from doing the board and batten in the bathroom, so I used them.

That isn’t it, y’all. You have to click here to read the rest!