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A Fashion Heat Stroke

Ahh, camp time.  Not me, the oldest.  She’s off to camp this week for the first time ever.  Yes, this is the first time she’s been away from home and it’s about to kill me.  I miss her like crazy!

Funny story, though.  So, I’m on this path to fashion brilliance and I picked out what I considered a pretty cute outfit; (very thick) skinny jeans, a satin ruffle shirt, a cardigan, and 5″ wedges.  We went to church first and then straight to bring the oldest to camp (3 hour drive).

Mind you, we are in record setting heat and I am dressed like it is October.  I really painted myself in a corner wearing the satin shirt, because since it had tiny little straps, I couldn’t very well take the cardigan off at church camp.  None of these things occurred to me, though.  Hey, why listen to common sense when you can look cute?

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