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The Stairs

So we have tossed around the idea of painting our staircase for about a year now. I cannot tell you how much I hate painting trim, though. Love the look. Hate the work.

Hubbin and I have come to sort of a crossroads with regards to the house. It’s zoned Residential/Commercial and located in between two cities. Do we move? If so, what work does the house need? If we sell it residential, it needs a lot of work. If we sell it commercial, they’ll likely tear it down. And where do we move? Do we move to the better school district that is closer to our friends and our church, but farther away from my job, adding to my already long commute? Do we move closer to my job, but farther from everything else?

So Hubbin and I have been in that dance for a while now, which has paralyzed us. It’s now time, though, to get to it. The house needs work, and we might as well do it in the meantime of deciding what we’re going to do or where we will go.

First on the list is painting. Hubbin started the staircase as an Act of Service for me one night during one of my introvert meltdowns. He’s very sweet, though it means that I have zero before pictures, aside from these two taken after he started.


So, for the details:

  • Zinsser 1-2-3 Primer
  • Home Depot White Paint, Untinted – Semi-gloss
  • Purdy paint brushes

You’d think I have specific paint colors for the trim, but I am a simple man who just wanted a bright white. As such, I saw no need to find a color that adds tint. We did a coat of primer and then remembered how much we despise painting trim, so we took like a week off. Look, save your judgment, the blog is named The Lackadaisical Mom for a reason. During this time, the stairs looked like this.
imageUgh it’s so bad. So on Halloween, we tackled the rest of it. It took two coats of semi-gloss paint over it, and some touch-up places, and after a couple of hours, this was the result:


I am really pleased with the results, and we haven’t even started on the walls yet (or the rest of the trim that needs to be painted that shows on the left). The walls will be Benjamin Moore’s Stonington Gray (the color currently in the dining room), as opposed to the current color which I’ve named Dirty Fingerprints and ‘Did Someone Used to Smoke in Here?’. Since it took me months to find the right shade of gray without purple/pink/green undertones, we are sticking with it and doing the entire house. I am really excited to see how the stairway comes out after it’s done.

So that’s what we’ve been doing. We are meeting with a contractor tonight to price other modifications to the house, so cross your fingers!

And now, a bathroom break (or a break FROM the bathroom)

Hubbin chose our vacation spot this year and I have to completely give it to him, he did phenomenal job. Browsing flipkey.com, he showed me a listing and asked if he was reading it right.

Listed was a “Castle in the Sky“, high in the Smoky Mountains, and located in Sylva, NC. Built on 75 wooded acres, it had exactly what I wanted…a pool. And not any pool — a private pool. No yelling kids aside from my own, a pool that overlooked what appeared to be paradise? And affordable. And available.

So he booked it for the

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A Bathroom Reno, in GIFs

Contractor Extraordinaire Daniel refuses to to acknowledge his awesomeness, but I came home last night and our bathroom was pretty much done. To put that into perspective, our toilet was in the living room two days before this picture was taken.


It’s time to cut the modesty, Daniel! His sidekick Tyler also has put in ridiculous hours (I know they worked long shifts while we were gone, and I know at least one of the days they were there from 8AM until 10:30PM. Complete and utter insanity. And I like to follow up complete and utter insanity with gif stories.

I’d give you details, but the bathroom isn’t done and still needs finishing touches. There is an inch of dust over everything (I am not even lying, I mopped the walls last night), and there’s remaining grout work that was curing behind that shower curtain, which will also soon reveal one of the major changes in the bathroom, too. In fact, during that first “Houston” phone call and hearing the words “black mold” and “the standing water under the floor was deep enough to splash”, Daniel adding “but you get your [surprise]” was the only thing that kept me from throwing myself off the mountain.

This should have been an easy job…throw down some new flooring and pull down the shower surround and put up tile. Except for the black mold and rotting subfloor and how we almost had a basement bathroom it was so bad.

Ok, almost like this.

It also rained pretty much the entire renovation (not for us, because we were in paradise while they were stuck in Renovation Hell). Rained constantly – it was in almost every single Facebook post I saw that week, and at least three people considered building an ark. When we realized how badly things had gotten, I’m not even kidding when I say I 100% picture Daniel like this on my lawn:


Then, of course, when we got home on Sunday and I was tired because hello, six hour car ride with the Grumpy Toddler, there was ensuing no toilet, hornet stinging chaos.

And Monday when I got home and it wasn’t done because they were making sure everything was perfect, I acted poorly and had to apologize a couple of times because hello, I’m supposed to be a grown up even if my butt doesn’t fit on that ladybug potty I had to use.

On second thought, just don’t.

And also, I’m the one that told him not to set the toilet until the floor was completely done anyway, but I conveniently forgot that during the moment that led to this meltdown:

But it came together and the toilet went into the bathroom and the shower could be used and it’s beautiful and you’ll know a lot more when it’s super-duper done and I can show you all the cool things. Until then, here’s a gif of me arriving home yesterday and seeing the bathroom:

Details, soon. The best part has yet to come!!

I hate this bathroom.


I wish

Ok, so we stayed on vacation an extra day because the contractor let us know that the bathroom wouldn’t be done in time. This was expected for a few reasons, one being that the “little bathroom renovation” turned into like…rebuilding a house. The floors were saturated in “things that had leaked” which is what I will term it because just trust me. The walls behind the shower surround were crumbling and covered in black mold. It had to be completely rebuilt. In fact, it was in such bad shape that it was almost a downstairs bathroom.

We had a great trip back, to be honest, especially considering we had Grumpy Toddler in the car. It’s amazing what two iPads, a dual screen DVD player with 12 DVDs to choose from, books, crayons, a big sister, barbies, baby dolls, and a Daddy that will sit like a pretzel just to hold a toddler’s hand will do. Whatever, it worked and I should probably be ashamed but I am not because we all got back alive and really, that’s my job as their mom.

We made excellent time, too. We had told Daniel that we’d be back around six, and I didn’t consider that timeline I’d given him when I made great time and arrived at four, to a house in complete disarray (also known as a construction zone). The bathroom was not nearly done. Looking back, we should have immediately left and come back later to get out of their way. Instead, they scurried to get it cleaned up and get out of our way. They offered to set the toilet but the floor wasn’t grouted and hey, who needs a toilet anyway? I lugged the kids back into the car (though not until The Oldest One had found herself up a tree and face to face with a volleyball-sized hornets’ nest and some really awful stings) and drove to my parents where I showered and prepared for work the next day. The toilet is currently in the living room, and so is the vanity and the bathroom door. I won’t lie, either…the bathroom looks so big with no door or furniture. I’m jealous.

What is done is stunning. He put the vertical mosaic tile in the exact spot I wanted it but couldn’t describe (I’m sure he really appreciated that). He also gave me the ledge I wanted really badly. The floors are going to look amazing – the tile was set but not grouted yet. The picture above is a little sneak peak for you guys in the meantime. It definitely is a different bathroom!

I’m not going to lie, though, I really hope that when I get home tonight, the toilet is in the bathroom.

The Bathroom That Wouldn’t Die

One of my friends said it seemed like Love it or List it and that’s pretty accurate, except Daniel is way smarter than Hillary, thank The Lord.

We were on our vacation paradise when I saw a missed call at 11AM from Daniel, our contractor, which is like… Continue reading

Is that green paint in your hair, ma’am?

No sir, that’s Sea Sprite paint in my hair.

Here’s your other sneak peek, because I paint seriously quickly. Also, I’m nearly positive I found Patient Zero of the stinkbug epidemic. Like seriously. I took the lights off again and like a gazillion came out. I’m not even kidding you, I looked like this: Continue reading