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Imperfect Progress

I’m in a bible study called Unglued, based on a book by Lysa TerKeurst, recommended by a friend and then later organized by my best of friends. It’s a great book, though the bible study format isn’t one I have liked very much. Regardless, last night I did my homework and I wrote a prayer.

Father, please keep my focus on You by reminding me to surrender first, then ask for heightened spiritual senses to see and hear You throughout the day. Jesus, please help me to be gentle and humble in heart, and be my Counselor.

Today I was different. It wasn’t an active choice, I just realized partially through the morning that I wasn’t handling things my normal way. I’m a yeller for sure. Last night, the obvious notion that yelling never resolves or deescalates a situation really hit home to me. And so I walked differently today. I remembered that The Little One is just a 2 year old, and when I expect behavior beyond that, it’s not HER that begins the meltdown, it’s ME. I can see the buildup; small things that snowball until there’s a verifiable meltdown, and then chaos. And it happens daily.

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