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The Stairs

So we have tossed around the idea of painting our staircase for about a year now. I cannot tell you how much I hate painting trim, though. Love the look. Hate the work.

Hubbin and I have come to sort of a crossroads with regards to the house. It’s zoned Residential/Commercial and located in between two cities. Do we move? If so, what work does the house need? If we sell it residential, it needs a lot of work. If we sell it commercial, they’ll likely tear it down. And where do we move? Do we move to the better school district that is closer to our friends and our church, but farther away from my job, adding to my already long commute? Do we move closer to my job, but farther from everything else?

So Hubbin and I have been in that dance for a while now, which has paralyzed us. It’s now time, though, to get to it. The house needs work, and we might as well do it in the meantime of deciding what we’re going to do or where we will go.

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Super Short Sneak Peek!

Daniel busted hard today (well, he has every day), and while there’s still a lot to do, I DO have a working toilet and shower!! The vanity needs to be installed and some little things need to be done, but it is good enough for a sneak peek. You ready?

Look at the dust on that mirror!

He truly has done a beautiful job and oh how I wish you could see the floor! It’s gorgeous but covered in grout right now, so that will have to wait. This picture is SUPER staged, because there is a ton of work that needs to be done and that curtain rod is NOT in the right place, but I do not even care. I couldn’t wait to share it!

I can see!

*Cue the Most Interesting Man in the World* I don’t write a ton of entries, but when I do, it’s all on the same day.

Ugh, so we’ve covered the fact that the bathroom is dark. One of the things I didn’t change last time was the overhead light, which needed it desperately. Not great lighting, y’all. It seriously is the ugliest light I have ever seen, save for the one in our hallway upstairs (there is totally a reason you have never seen a room up there).

old light

I went to Lowe’s and seriously could NOT find a light that I wanted that was small enough to fit there (the ceiling curves RIGHT after it, so a flush-mount wouldn’t really work. Nothing jumped out at me…at all. And the things I did like were outrageously priced compared to the stuff I’d seen at Home Depot. I wandered the aisles, totally annoyed that we couldn’t actually change the true problem, which was the lack of lighting, and I went and gazed longingly at the track lighting. As I was there, I noticed a light that just might work…except I had NO IDEA if you could just…do that. It was perfect, though, if it would work, and it was like $25 so totally worth the risk. Hubbin put it up tonight when he got home from work and viola!! It’s GORGEOUS and fits PERFECTLY and is REALLY bright (though I couldn’t really get a decent picture of it with the light on.

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