usI have writer’s block! Get me out of the jail that is my brain.

I just banged out a political rant and it is so badly written and choppy that it got thrown in the incinerator.  Metaphorically. Possibly literally if this computer keeps annoying me.

So I have nothing in the form of entertainment or wit, but I do have this adorable picture of me and the man who lights all my fires and starts all my smiles. We took this on our recent vacation, which was lovely. I got to relax this vacation.

I got to relax.



My kids are old enough that they don’t need me every second of the day. And I got to LAY DOWN.

Also? I saw brown stuff smeared on my gym tag the other day and I wiped it off without thinking twice. It never occurred to me that it could be anything other than chocolate. Do you know what this means?

I HAVE REACHED THE PINNACLE OF MOTHERHOOD, Y’ALL. THIS IS THE PROMISED LAND. This is what I have spent 400 years in the desert for. My kids are five and twelve. The days of “poop or chocolate” are over. There is no poop. There is ONLY CHOCOLATE.

And I am loving it. Five is the best age ever anyway, and I am so enjoying seeing the young woman my twelve year old is becoming. I want to freeze frame this part of my life because it is my favorite of all time.

These are the days, y’all. And I am loving them.