Camp Time!

Do y’all remember last year when we took The Oldest One to camp? I had just started this new fashion venture, right, and I put together this fabulous outfit that I thought looked awesome. Looking back, I’m not sure if my fashion sense has evolved, or if fashion in general has, but I wore this:


You can read about it by clicking here; this outfit decision nearly cost my my life, in the middle of one of the worst heat waves to hit in decades.

So, we are going back, bringing The Oldest One back yet again this year. I dressed differently this year; a lot different.

I paired a half-sleeve, navy and white striped shirt from Love Culture that set me back a mere $7, with mint green shorts from J. Crew ($8, thank you very much, warehouse sale), and mint sandals from Call it Spring, and apparent branch off of Aldo. FYI, I don’t get paid or free stuff for this because I, 1. Am not that important, 2. No one knows me, and 3. Lemme know if you know how to get people to do that, because I would totally be into that. I will wear your donated clothes. And I won’t even go back on sabbatical.


The Little One just loves the car. And when I say loves, I mean can’t stand. They all blend together at this point, but I’m pretty sure she didn’t sleep at all and fussed most of the 4 hour trip back without her Sissy.

The week without The Oldest One was looooong. I had decided to completely redecorate her room, which was a stupid decision that kept me locked in the house for the entire week, which, incidentally, was the only week that we actually had nice weather thus far this summer. That’s another post – the redecorating. By the time Friday rolled around, I was a blubbering mess for several reasons, canceling the plans Hubbin and I had made for a lovely date night, since my mother had kept The Little One so we could pick up The Oldest One the next morning without taking The Little One.

Alas, we woke up early Saturday and made the trip, again in sensible attire:


We also found a great new way to transport The Little One during car trips!


We had great conversations and I remembered how wonderful Hubbin really is. And he REALLY is. We had such great talks that we missed our turn…by 10 miles. We turned around and headed back a bit faster than the signs recommended, not unnoticed by the nice deputy sitting in wait. So then there was this:


Objects in mirror are more expensive than they appear.

We were late already, and my guilt was getting worse. Not only did I fail to send her any mail during the week because I was so caught up in her room redo that didn’t even get finished, but now we were going to miss the ceremony as well. The deputy was nice, but unfortunately did his job too well, so now we have another trip back, this time to the lovely Surry County Courthouse. FYI, it’s nearly impossible to get out of a speeding ticket when you are from out of town and driving a BMW.

We got The Oldest One back, she’d grown a foot per usual, and spent the day having the best lunch ever in Richmond (so good, in fact, that I actually wrote a Yelp review at the table). Then we shopped for room stuff before getting back and surprising The Oldest One with the new room. She loved it, even if it wasn’t the way I wanted it.

So that was camp!