I suppose this is where I tell you about myself, so you can think “wow that girl is awesome I need to read her website daily”. Or not. I decided to start a “blog” when I realized that what I had to say took up more than 140 characters. However, because I didn’t really research very well, I thought you had to do all this to start a blog. Apparently not. Regardless, now I have this cool page and hopefully one day I’ll have a viewer or two.

So Pinterest. It has simultaneously greatly improved and ruined my life. I haven’t slept in a year now. Suddenly, I went from not having a creative bone in my body to wanting to completely redecorate my house. I don’t know if that’s been the case with anyone else, but it surely has been with me.

Slight problem, though; I don’t have a house that one would consider easy to do all these wonderful things to. We have exactly 1248sf with four people and one bathroom. And three of us are chicks, so, as you can imagine, it’s tight. So while we live here, I’ll never have one of those beautiful mudrooms, or adorable little laundry areas with cute signs. Our laundry is down in the dungeon basement, so there’s definitely no cutesy stuff going on down there. And really? I don’t own a Kreg Jig or have a husband that’s dying to help me with projects. So when I say that if I can do it, anyone can, I totally mean it. Some of these projects have taken over a month, though they maybe shouldn’t have taken more than a day or so. Hubbin and I both work full-time and have long commutes, as well as have two girls – a wonderful 11 year old and our “free spirit” that I call Grumpy Toddler.

Anyway, so that’s the long involved background. I’m your ordinary 31 32 33 34 year old, living life, making the best with the small house we have. People have asked me what my blog is about (before they read it, mostly), and honestly…nothing. And everything. I don’t know. It started as a home improvement blog and then there was a lot of parenting and some of my spiritual journey and now more home improvement. What is it about? My life. This is me!

I enjoy laying on the couch doing nothing and uploading pictures with sarcastic tag lines, but don’t get a lot of time to do the first part. Hope you enjoy!

*Disclaimer – Please feel free to pin my images.