I’m Still Alive…

Though with no thanks to the Newark Airport and their TSA agents that were obviously trying to drive me into the nuthouse.

While I try and compose myself and finish these TSA dartboards and kicking the wall, here’s something to tide you over. I was so pissed off, blindly ragingly angry Friday night that I actually posted this horrible picture of me in Facebook for all the world to see:

This face is probably what got me two trips through TSA.

…as well as me writing “GFY, Newark!” As a Facebook update. And no, that does NOT stand for Good For You. Never, ever fly through Newark.


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    • Jules on June 28, 2012 at 3:38 am

    <3 it. I also have a dislike for the TSA. They seem to think I'm a terrorist! =)
    Keep blogging!! You are hilarious!!!!!!!!!!!!
    <3 Jules

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