Whirling Dervish

Ok so I haven’t been posting a ton because I have been busy doing nothing and enjoying every minute of it. Since my boss understands that the biggest return on investment you can possibly get in your company is to spoil the crap out of your employees, he gave us an impromptu paid vacation and closed the office from Wednesday through Sunday.

So, I put The Little Jerk in daycare and spent the week with my oldest kid, who is really awesome and fun to hang out with. Then, I invited myself and kids as well as a coworker and her kids over to my cleaning lady’s house, because she has a sweet in-ground pool. Loved it.

This one is way nicer than the little one.

So I’m astounded at the hits on this blog. It really is just insane, and completely unexpected. What happens is that I sit to make a blog post and see that there are 18k hits in a little over a month and panic and erase what I wrote because it’s totally not funny enough.

Furthermore, I’m engrossed more on my style revolution. I’ve spent like…hours on J’s fashion blog. I love the way she dresses and it’s exactly what I want my style to be. So, I’ve been dressing like a lady everyday (or most days) instead of a boobilicious harlot. Much to my delight, I’ve gotten tons of compliments. One lovely lady told me I looked like Princess Kate and I pretty much almost fell over. As far as compliments go, they don’t get much better than that.

So that’s what is up with me lately. The thing about blogging is that pretty much everyone just has a specialty. Some blog about parenting, some about fashion, some about home improvement.

And then you have me. Since I have near paralyzing ADD, I apparently blog about all of that. Doh. I’m pretty sure that you aren’t supposed to do that, but whatever. So, I haven’t had any new posts because my current focus is fashion, and I’ve been reluctant to post about that. Y’all can handle it though, right? I figured as much, so prepare! The home improvement isn’t over, though; Hubbin’s father is finishing our cabinets, and my new cabinet pulls came in, so let the excitement begin!


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    • Amber on July 8, 2012 at 9:39 pm

    I’ve missed you! You are so funny, don’t get performance anxiety on us! lol Post about whatever you want. I love blogs that are real, and real life is about a lot of different things. So go for it!

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