The Dreaded Kitchen

I cannot believe that I am showing these online. Publishing, for the whole world! Ok, publishing for like…20 of my closest friends, and probably 10 people that can’t stand me but cyber stalk (FYI, Google Analytics never lies!). This kitchen is a hot mess, y’all. Ugh. You ready?

 HA! Told you so!

I know. And actually, you should have seen it before I spray painted those AWFUL handles, bought decent blinds, and laid the new floor. It was horrible. This is why I get angry when I watch the idiots on House Hunters that are all “ZOMG I can NOT live in a house that doesn’t have granite”. Um, granite? Shoot, I’d be thrilled with anything less than faux butcher block laminate.

My husband is wonderful. He really is a wonderful man. He also, however, is a colorblind man. That color? Chosen when he was a bachelor. I’m not sure what it is officially called, but it is uglier than hell. We lost two drawers and two doors, as well, in order to get the dishwasher (definitely worth it). It’s just a mess. I have never before posted before pictures when there’s no after; nevermind of the worst room in the house.

Hubbin and I had date night on Saturday; for those that aren’t married, date night is spent on movie, a meal, and a trip to a store sans kids; it’s thrilling to go shopping without whining (well, without the kids’ whining. I whine pretty regularly during shopping). So, we saw House at the End of the Street (one of the best movies we have seen in a long time, I highly recommend), ate at the typical local place, and then went to Lowe’s. We chose Moose Mousse by Valspar for the walls (it’s actually the color of my office, which will one day get posted). The cabinets are being painted white, and I’ve picked european bar pulls for the cabinets and drawers.

This was supposed to be a very, very cheap DIY; much like the bathroom. However, we simply can’t make it look even halfway decent without changing the countertops. And if we change the countertops, we have to change the sink as well. We intend on hitting up the Habitat ReStore for both of those (so obviously we are NOT replacing with granite); every time we have gone before, they have great sinks, so hopefully that will pan out.

So, wish me luck! This job will likely take a long time, so be patient!

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    • Kathryn on September 24, 2012 at 11:23 pm

    I have great faith in your remodelling abilities! Looking forward to the “after” pics!

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