Marital Minefield

Hubbin and I are doing Marriage on the Rock by Jimmy Evans through MarriageWorks at church. We are really enjoying it so far. We sat down last night to do the homework, only to happen across this assignment:

Separately, each take a piece of paper and create a timeline of your marriage. Starting at your wedding and ending at the present day, draw a line going up and down as appropriate to indicate your changing level of satisfaction with your marriage over time. When you’re both through, compare the two time lines and see how they match up. What events in your lives have affected your satisfaction?

Now, I’m no rocket scientist, but I think this sounds like a BAD IDEA, and from the look on Hubbin’s face, he totally agrees. Regardless, we do it anyway. When it comes time to compare, we see this:

IMG_8245We were so relieved to know we were miserable at the same time! And cheers to it no longer being 2010, y’all.