This Weekend!

Hubbin and I met when The Oldest One was 2, so we never had that honeymoon period. We’ve never been on a trip without kids (we actually don’t vacation much and are trying to change that). In fact, we married on a Saturday, and Sunday evening I left on a business trip with my boss at the time (female), and Hubbin left to go back to West Virginia, which is where he worked for fourteen long months, part before we married and part after.

Funny side story, since my boss and I were both females, when we traveled, we roomed together. Sunday, when we were checking into the hotel, the front desk manager remarked on my wedding ring and said “Wow, that really is a stunning ring!”, to which I replied “Thanks!! I just got married yesterday!”

It wasn’t until later that I realized she probably was taken off guard at the two chicks checking into a room together the day after my wedding. Perhaps if it had been a business trip to California, maybe we’d have gotten a free bottle of champagne or something, but alas, we were also in West Virginia, so instead we got wide eyes and a “Ahhhh….uh, congratulations.”


Anyway, so Hubbin and I – never been alone away together…until this weekend! As I’ve said before, we are doing Marriage on the Rock, which includes a marriage retreat, and I am so excited about it. In truthfulness, I was more excited before I found out there is no cellphone service, so we actually have to talk to each other. You guys can keep us in your thoughts, while we’re probably just sitting there staring at each other, wondering how in 2013 there are still places without cell signal, and sitting on the edge of your seats wondering what I’m wearing (Instagram), or thinking (Facebook), or planning (Pinterest).

In all seriousness, though, keep us in your thoughts! We are so excited to get away from the children and spend some real time together. We really believe that happy parents produce happy children, and since this is what we’ve got so far:

Um, yeah.

Awwww, what a lovely baby.

Ok, Hubbin has lost like 40lbs since this pic, but the children are accurate, so don't be mad, babe.

Ok, Hubbin has lost like 40lbs since this pic, but the children are accurate, so don’t be mad, babe.

…it’s pretty obvious we need it!

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    • Rachel Nickerson on April 9, 2013 at 10:50 pm

    lol. love the visuals.

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