We’re Back!

So we had the marriage retreat and it was wonderful and hard and exhausting and invigorating, all at the same time. Here we are en route:

There were a ton of things said that weekend, but most of it isn’t for y’all. Here are some highlights, though:

The problem with a cult is that you don’t find out you’re in one until the last day.

There’s a place for flannel nightgowns, ladies. The fireplace.

Funnies aside, this has been a super long, stressful week with lots of changes. We started this class very happy with each other and our marriage, but this retreat forced us even closer; closer than we’ve ever been. Closer than either of us realized was even possible.

I am genuinely the luckiest woman alive. I feel sorry for y’all, because I can tell you without doubt that your husbands are not as good as mine. Not sorry enough to give him to y’all, though. He’s all mine.


(Your friends aren’t as good as mine either, just sayin’)