No Freaking Way

So today started out like any other day (pretending not to hear that The Little Jerk had woken up, so Hubbin got up with her). I woke up, came down to my desk, and started working (don’t let the pajamas fool you, I actually do WORK from home). Typical day. Until it all changed.

See, there’s this girl that blogs about sweet paint colors, and she puts the most AWESOME rooms on there. I stumbled across the website and have been hooked since. I love it. I wish I’d have seen it before I picked some of my current colors, but I digress. It’s really a great blog.

And that was before TODAY. Today, I clicked the link, and I see this:

OMG y’all, that is my bathroom.


Ok so if six months ago, someone said “Hey in six months a picture of your bathroom is going to be on the front page of a home improvement blog”, I’d have undoubtedly thought “Is it time for the Worst Bathroom in America again?” That or maybe like…”20/20 – Shocking Expose on How the Lower-Middle Class Lives”. Never in a million years would it be displayed as a blog like that.

I am…just in shock. This baby was MINE. I designed it, planned it, and built it myself (a sarcastic warm thanks to Hubbin for hanging the shower curtain and towel hooks). And something I designed (and actually executed successfully) is showcased on a home improvement blog.

So that’s my day. Pretty damn awesome for a 6 week old blog!!

Look forward to my next entry, which will showcase my field trip last night to see Magic Mike.

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    • Kate (an SWC gal) on July 13, 2012 at 5:55 am

    Congrats on your new found fame! I am enjoying your blog, although I didn’t realize you had renamed your youngest on here!

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