The Office Again. Y’all, I can’t even…

Ok so there have been no renovations since The Bathroom of 2014, and pretty much just Jesus posts, because that bathroom reno made me REALLY NEED JESUS. It has been SEVEN MONTHS since that renovation and I have needed SEVEN MONTHS OF JESUS to undo what it did to my psyche. And also, it’s still not done. I mean, it’s done in that it works and it’s pretty, but it’s not blog-worthy done. But the time has come that I have no choice but to renovate something. And this massive palace is a whopping 1,248 square feet, so you’ll be shocked to hear that it’s a re-renovation of a room we have already done. Twice. But at least it’s not the living room again, amiright?

So once upon a time I had a dining room that we really just used for show, let’s just be honest here. And feel free to click here to see that monstrosity. When I took a job working from home, that room was transformed into my home office. That project was my first ever renovation and was actually what made me start this blog. When I quit that job, though, I didn’t want to see the office anymore, so it was turned back into a dining room!

And then it was a Christmas room (not posted; it was during my writer’s strike). And y’all, it is almost April and the Christmas presents are still in it (I swear the tree is long gone), and there is no dining table in there. And Hubbin got a job where his office will be…you guessed it…at home.

SOOOOOOOO, another home reno! Aren’t you excited? I chose gray because I am insane. This is literally the hardest, worst color to choose EVER ON THE FACE OF THE PLANET. Pinterest narrowed it down to two true grays (you know, grays that don’t look green or purple or pink and almost all of them do that, y’all) – Stonington Gray and Coventry Gray. I went to get samples and Hubbin said it was the longest anyone ever took getting paint samples, and in his defense, he stayed in the car with Grumpy Toddler so it did probably feel like forever.

I got Coventry Gray as well because Stonington Gray seemed VERY light and that worried me. So, I got home and did one wall in each, and this is what I got:


Look, this ain’t a photography blog so just hush your mouth…

Stonington Gray was the clear winner – Coventry looked like concrete to me and was super uninviting unless jail is your scene, and also it looked CLEARLY blue considering the bordering room actually is blue. So I literally used as much as I could of the entire pint of Stonington last night at 11PM because I have zero self control when it comes to paint. And the room now looks RIDICULOUS because once I started running out of paint, I started painting the corners and trimming the molding. If you doubt my crazy, I did this with a tiny roller and a paint brush, so…yeah. Welcome to my level of crazy. This is what it looks like right now:


I’ll give you one guess at how tall I am and how much I wanted to stop painting and get my stepstool yesterday…

Ugh and don’t even get me started on that rug. I AM THE WORST RUG PICKER ON THE PLANET. It’s getting replaced. Don’t tell Hubbin because I’m already returning TWO I bought for the living room that looked atrocious. And while I’m thinking about it, those curtains are kind of ugly too….

I digress. Let’s HOPE that this thing is DONE by tomorrow night. Right? We can hope, right? Ugh these chances are not good, y’all.