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Merry Christmas, y’all

What a crazy holiday it’s been so far; so many unforeseen things. I have to say I am so glad that I went into this season with a determination to make this year better than the previous ones, because I’ll be honest when I say that I’m not sure I’d have made it through the holiday without that determination.

I finished shopping today, on Christmas Eve. I must say that I experienced Random Acts of Kindness towards me from others, and this I am SO thankful for. Perhaps I’d have overlooked them in years prior, but the small acts of kindness made a difference in my day today. While checking out at a PACKED Walmart, I realized after I’d loaded 5 items on the conveyor that I’d remembered all the ingredients for my meatballs but one. I saw the line behind me and looked in desperation at the gentleman behind me and asked if I could RUN and go get them. And run I did. When I got back, I didn’t even realize what lane I was in until I went around to the other side. Not only had the gentleman behind me allowed me to run back for one more thing, but he hadn’t touched my Kate Spade purse or anything in it. And to top it off, all of my groceries were bagged and ready for me. The check-out lady had loaded the rest of my (many) items on the conveyor for me. It was a show of kindness that I was so grateful for. I pulled the receipt but it doesn’t show her name, but I thank you. What a small, yet helpful, gesture of kindness.

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I told you he was honorable. And handsome, too.

FORT FAIRFIELD – John J. Gorman, 87, husband of M. Winifred Gorman, passed away unexpectedly Thursday, Dec. 20, 2012, at his residence. He was born June 19, 1925, in Staten Island, N.Y., the son of Harry and Mary (McVeigh) Gorman.

John was a graduate of Curtis High School, Staten Island, N.Y., and went on to further his education at Cornell University and later Dartmouth Navel Academy. He enlisted in the Midshipman Training Program at Fort Skyler, N.Y., and was assigned to the South Pacific Theater of operations, commanding L.C. M. 1203, Landing Craft during the invasion of Okinawa. After V.J. Day, John repatriated Japanese POWs back to the Japanese Home Islands, being discharged as a lieutenant. After participating in a wedding in Fort Fairfield, John fell in love with the area and moved there, marrying M. Winifred Pelletier June 7, 1948. John was battery commander of the 152nd Towed Howitzer Battalion of the Maine National Guard from 1956 to 1969; a member of American Legion Walter-Lovely Post No. 27, Fort Fairfield; Veterans of Foreign Wars Paul Lockhart Post No. 6187, Fort Fairfield, for more than 62 years; was president of the Fort Fairfield Community General Hospital Guild for 17 years, Fort Fairfield Library Board of Trustees, Fort Fairfield School Board, and a third degree member of the Knights of Columbus, Council No. 1753. Mr. Gorman was also a member of the Barbershoppers of America for many years, the Presque Isle Chapter of the Road Runners Quartet Singers, Caribou Choral Society, and had been soloist at St. Denis Catholic Church, Fort Fairfield, where he sang for church Masses, weddings and funerals. He was an avid golfer at Aroostook Valley Country Club and was a member of the Hole in One Club. John had been employed by C.A. Powers Farms as a manager for more than 30 years, and later worked at the Fort Fairfield Utilities District for numerous years – 17 years as manager, retiring in 1992.

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In death, we tend to remember people differently. We remember them better than they were, and forget the bad things. I think that’s typical. You read an obituary and it’s “fluffed” to include the best information; to dig for the best of someone, and shine the light on that.  This? This is not one of those times.

My grandfather, John, was an honorable man. He was, undoubtedly, the most honorable man I have ever met and ever can imagine meeting. He was a true, shining example of grace. He was stern, but loving, and he was a true servant for God. He makes me proud that my maiden name is Gorman. He and my grandmother married June 7, 1948. Together, they raised seven children – two boys and five girls, all who grew to be successful and loving parents themselves; one of them my father.

Grandma and Grandpa Gorman, with their children

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Grumpy Baby’s School Pictures

Grumpy Baby has a very expressive face, we’ve been down that road. More than anything, though, she really dislikes the folks that do the school pictures. Skeptical isn’t really the word as much as “Go ahead, make my day”.

Last year, I couldn’t tell exactly what look she was going for, but they turned out so absolutely awful I bought one just out of pity. This was so her demeanor; they really couldn’t have captured it better. Just confounded, I guess. Without any will to live.

Have you seen this child?

So, when I heard that pictures were back, I had to see them. Would they top last year? She’s funny now, but she’s SUPER skeptical of strangers and she does NOT smile at people easily (she still won’t smile at my father, but he can be scary looking to children). So I made today the day, and I laughingly walked into her daycare, anxious to see her attitude towards the photographer this year.

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“Argh” as in “lovely, she did it again”, not “Argh, give me all your gold, matey”.  But maybe that too.

If anyone has ever lived with someone that has near paralzying ADD, you know how frustrating it is. Imagine BEING that person, though. It’s really difficult and frustrating to be the one that can’t remember anything. Like…really frustrating.

My most recent “Ok, how on EARTH…” experience was losing our vacuum cleaner. It’s gone. I have no idea where it went. It vanished, into thin air. This house is the size of a coffin, so it’s not easy to misplace anything of decent size, even for me. I realized that in this entire house, there is not a single closet that exists outside of a bedroom. There are no linen closets, pantries, coat closets. Nowhere to put, say, a VACUUM or broom. The vacuum has lived inside Kennedy’s closet for a long time. I don’t vacuum often because I am totally lazy we only have hardwood, with a couple of area rugs thrown in rooms. The living room is a disaster, though, because the little one thinks nothing of crumbling cookies and stomping them into the floor.

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Today is Monday (I hope you already knew that, though, and went to work today). Since I actually love my job, Mondays don’t bother me at all. I have to say that the constant barrage of “ZOMG IT’S MONDAY AGAIN SOMEONE SHOOT ME!” on Facebook is super annoying, though.

However, I will say that around fall time, I am super annoyed with Monday nights. A few years ago, I asked Hubbin what he wanted for Christmas and he said all he wanted was for me to watch football with him. I dislike football, but moreso than that, I am cheap and gift-handicapped, so I gave in. I gave it a valiant effort, too. Being a lifelong Niners fan, last season was like a dream come true for him. In a show if support, I ordered Niners shirts for the whole family, even the baby. We wore them during games, and I totally got into it.

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