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Is that green paint in your hair, ma’am?

No sir, that’s Sea Sprite paint in my hair.

Here’s your other sneak peek, because I paint seriously quickly. Also, I’m nearly positive I found Patient Zero of the stinkbug epidemic. Like seriously. I took the lights off again and like a gazillion came out. I’m not even kidding you, I looked like this:

Anyway, the paint. It looks surprisingly good. Well, not surprisingly good to me, because I’m the one that picked out the color and I knew it would look good. It’s Sea Sprite, which is by Olympic, but I shop at Lowe’s because they are the closest store to us and I am super lazy (hello, title of the blog and all), so I had them mix it in their Ultra Reserve whatever paint that’s supposed to be the best of the best. And no, this is not a plug for them, because seriously, no one will pay me to write.

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Sneak Peek!

When I got home last night, Hubbin had assembled the new vanity. I ordered different hardware than it came with because I wasn’t wild about the pulls.


These match the kitchen and I LOVE them. I also completely love the way the sink is. It’s not totally finished – obviously the drain isn’t put in and also because it’s sitting in our living room, but I am getting really excited! Yesterday I ran to TJ Maxx and grabbed a new shower curtain rod, hooks, a liner, and a decorative cup and soap dispenser, and then to Lowe’s to get a new light fixture and Satin Nickel spray paint.


You see, we have these awful sconces in the bathroom right now, and Hubbin wants to keep them only because they also have electrical outlets on them. I could notreally care either way, but we do only have one other outlet in the entire bathroom, so I didn’t fight him on that. I wasn’t having dark sconces though, so I spray painted them. I figured the worst it could do would be to ruin them, and then I’d get new pretty ones anyway. Seemed like a win-win for me. It’s not great, but it’s not as bad as it could be. I need to pain and then decide. It’s hard to tell the way it is now.

Bathroom Renovation, Take 56

Ugh, y’all. Do you remember the month it took me to reno my bathroom last time? Well, it’s time again.

Hubbin and I have been in this limbo area for a while now, and it’s incredibly frustrating. Our house is small, at 1248SF, and there is ONE, TINY BATHROOM, y’all. There is little to be left to the imagination between a couple when you have to share a bathroom. And we have two girls. We are outgrowing this house so quickly. There are too many people in too little space. There’s not a single closet that exists outside of a bedroom – let that one sink in. Nowhere to put coats, or linens, or whatever people put in pantries. Nowhere for the vacuum cleaner or broom. There is storage upstairs, which consists of only two bedrooms, (and takes up room space to give you the closets), but it is hardly adequate for me and my shopping issue family.

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The Oldest One’s Room

I saved this one for tonight because I know y’all have nothing better to do on a Friday night than wait for a new blog of mine.

Last year, when she went to camp, I did a room makeover. Shockingly enough, I cannot find any after pictures. The room makeover actually started around this specific chair, and the entire room was planned around it. Then, when I went to go get it, it was…gone. Last one, too, because it was custom made. I had a complete meltdown. I never did get another chair. I did take pictures before this newest makeover, in her ridiculously messy room – here is what the newer configuration looked like, but believe me when I tell you that it did NOT look like this when we did our big reveal last year.

A while back (like, too long ago to admit), her bed broke. I really have a bone to pick with that company, too, because it was perfectly fine when my friend Erin and I used it for sleepovers back in the 80’s. In all sincerity, I cannot believe it lasted 30 years (and I’m not entirely sure how I ended up with her bed anyway). And just for fun, her name is engraved on the bottom – I love that my kid sleeps on the same bed that we did as kids (plus 30 years of dust mites, and that’s if they bought it new, which I’m not entirely sure that was the case). The bottom says “Erin was here, hiding from housework” (though it’s cropped to avoid her last name). It’s awesome.

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The Dining Room

It’s pretty obviously not done, but I got lazy. I also bought a carpet but I’m nearly positive I don’t like it and it’s not even unrolled. So, it’s pretty plain.Dining Room-(24 of 15)

This table is my nemesis. I worked on it. And worked on it. And worked on it. And then it was almost perfect and I did ONE MORE THING and it destroyed it. I had to sand it down after like 4 coats of stain and 6 coats of spar varnish, y’all. In the summer. That was WORK. I messed it up and I was clearly on the verge of beating it to death when Hubbin came in and took the sledgehammer from me and had his father fix it for me. It was done in 2 days.

I stained it WAY too dark, though, and I don’t like it. I want another one but Hubbin saw me buy bathroom paint the other day for to redo the bathroom again and his head exploded, so then I had to clean that up. I also didn’t even bother to clean the dining room up before these pictures, so this is probably one of the laziest posts I’ve done thus far. It’s not staged. It’s not pretty. I hate everything but the curtains, which of course were from Lowe’s, like everything I get.

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It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, It’s a Post About Redecorating!!

Can you believe it?! I’ve been lazy, y’all; like REAL lazy. And also, I’m working and doing bible studies and commuting and serving at church, so I’m tired. There’s no time to do anything anymore, it seems like. I had this idea months ago; actually, I think I bought these curtains last year. I priced them out to do what I needed done, but it was going to be like $80, which was ridiculous, since I’d already paid more than I wanted to for the curtains (AKA normal price, but I am cheap).

The dining room is boring. I don’t like how the table turned out, so I haven’t done anything at all. Tonight I took The Little One with me to Lowe’s and let her pick out the curtain rods, and I got home and hung the curtains that I broke down and Stitch-Witched last night. Here’s the before picture of the dining room.

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